Sleek Makeup

HellO lovelies!

Last week while I was staying with my parents I tagged along with my mum one day as she went about getting her shopping. We went into the chemist to collect her bits & pieces & I got to looking at all the makeup displays.


Like a child drawn to sweeties conveniently placed at tills. I’m a sucker for big bold coloured makeup boothes.


I’ve been on the lookout lately for a big pallette & I was spoiled for choice as Sleek had a big selection of colours on display.


Every colour you could wish for. The pallettes costs €9.99 & they contain 12 colours.


In hindsight I wish I’d gotten this one. The colours are so vibrant & would make a great statement look with just a sweep of one on the top &/or bottom lash line combined with a nude lip for a super quick look with a big impact. I suppose there’s nothing to stop me from getting another one. Can never have too much makeup I guess.


I opted for these two. Original & Vintage Romance.


The size of the mirror was fantastic. The colour of the shadows was highly pigmented & the double ended wand was the length of a pencil which made it so easy to get a good grip of it for precision use. I can see why they chose their brand name because the pallette itself was very sleek.
It’s thin, weighs next to nothing so very easy to pop into your bag on a night out.  It felt very smooth, lovely to hold & I thought the packaging was very pretty. The only negative I have on this product is the amount of fall out.

I’d recommend either putting tissue under your eye held with two small dabs of vaseline or to do your eye makeup first then clean off the fallout from your cheeks then proceed with foundation.
For me the pros outweigh this 1 minor flaw, at €9.99 for 12 varried colours with such a big selection to choose from it’s a total bargain.




My beautiful friend Steph acted as my real life swatch. She has piercing blue eyes so she used the gold & purples to accentuate her pretty peepers.


Here’s a helpful diagram to show you what colour is best suited to you the next time you’re getting beautified.

Have any of you used Sleek Makeup before? What did you think of it?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

~LoVe & huGs~




6 thoughts on “Sleek Makeup

  1. Love the Sleek eyeshadow palettes! Their Blush by 3 palettes are amazing too! Btw, I am giving away the Urban Decay Naked On The Run on my blog, so if you’re interested feel free to check out my post and enter!

    Have a great day!

  2. I really love your blog, your posts are all so beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

    • That’s such a lovely message. You’re so sweet, I just followed you back there. Your blog is so good!! I’ll be reading through it today! Thanks so much for the support really appreciate it.

      Maria. Xxx

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