Preserving Our Pretty Perfumes

Hey there lovelies,

I got to thinking about how much perfume I use.  As it turns out I use quite a bit.  My perfume of choice is & has always been The Body Shop: White Musk.  30mls of the Eau De Parfum is £13, which in the scheme of perfume prices is pittance, so I’m lucky I picked an inexpensive perfume to be my favourite.  But because I wear it everyday in life I find myself going through it at an alarming rate so it does add up £13 a bottle or not. 
What I’m going to suggest is definitely a blast from the past but don’t worry you haven’t gone back in time & woken up in the 90’s. 


Body Sprays. Yeah, you read correctly.  There are so many fragrances you’ll be able to match one to your perfume of choice no problem.  I’ve started wearing them for work & keeping my perfume for my spare time & nights out.  I’m amassing quite a collection & at a pound each why not eh!  I think this is such a money saver especially if you wear an expensive perfume.  

Are you a fan of body sprays? I’d love to hear your feedback.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

~LoVe & huGs~




One thought on “Preserving Our Pretty Perfumes

  1. Love love, impulses true love! A colleague at work was wearing it and and I asked what perfume she was wearing, couldn’t believe it was a body spray, now I’m a convert! Have you tried the perfumes from the chemist that are like an imitation of more expensive scents? I have one that’s a smells exactly like miss dior only it was a third of the price!

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