Keeping Blonde Hair Blonde

HellO there & a very happy new year to you all.
Today I’m talking about how we can help maintain blonde hair between visits to the hairdressers.  Keeping our locks the same colour as the day we left the salon is no mean feat.  So here are a few products I use to help stretch out the time between visits.


Silver Shampoo & Conditioner is one way to do this.  Violet is opposite yellow on the colour wheel which means the build up of brassy tones in our hair that we get after time needs a purple based product to neutralise it.  I actually bought these in the pound shop so I was well pleased seeing as toning shampoos usually retail for maybe £3 or £4 each which is alot for 1 bottle. 


Next up we have Colour Toner.  This is just a more concentrated version of the shampoo & conditioner. After we shampoo our hair (Don’t condition!) towel it dry then massage the toner through from root to tip.  Squeeze off the excess wet & wrap hair in cling film & use a hairdryer all over for 5 minutes then leave to develop for 30 minutes before rinsing out.  This bottle cost around £5 & I’ll get 3 or 4 uses from it.  


Here I am before using anything.  As you can see my wee bonce is very brassy.



And here I am post shower after using the toning shampoo & toner.  I’m standing in the exact same place as I took the 1st photo with same amount of lighting.  Quite a difference don’t you think, plus my hair smells & feels absolutely amazing afterwards. It’s the second time in maybe 6 months I’ve toned it, but I use the toning shampoo/ conditioners all the time.

I hope you found this helpful.  Let me know if you try these out & how it goes.

Thanks as always for stopping by.

~LoVe & huGs~




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