The Magic Of Mascara

Hi folks!

I’m talking about mascara today & if you’re like me then you’ll have a few on the go at once. 


These are the 3 I’m using at the moment. NYC: ‘Big Bold Curl’, Barry M: ‘Showgirl’, & L’Oréal: ‘Miss Manga’ .




First up is NYC: Big Bold Curl.  It retailed for under £4.  I really did like the finished outcome with this one but I found the brush too bulky, it captured alot of product making it hard to be accurate without smudging or getting it on your eyelid or undereye.  Because of that I wouldn’t buy this one again. 6/10




Secondly we have Barry M: Showgirl.  This one retailed for under £5.  The magpie in me was drawn to this one because of the packaging.  I loved the wand & how sleek it was, but it’s the total opposite of NYC in that it didn’t pick up enough of the product making it hard to create much of an impact with it.  I think it should do what it says & for me not to have to use it 2 or 3 times to get the desired outcome I want, which is what you’ve to do with it.  So again I won’t be repurchasing this one.  5/10




Last up is L’Oréal Miss Manga.  It was on sale in Superdrug for £5.99.  The packaging is lovely & I liked how the wand had a flexible hinge & how the brush was more narrow towards the end, making it ideal to navigate & catch the smaller lashes with little effort.  I absolutely loved how much volume it created & how big it made my eyes look. I’d definately buy this again.  9/10

I hope you find this useful. Have you used any of these mascaras yourself? What did you think.

Thanks  as always for stopping by.

~ LoVe & huGs ~




6 thoughts on “The Magic Of Mascara

  1. I use multiple mascaras too! The ones you have mentioned in your post are not available in India 😦 i find the Maybelline mascaras really nice..and next on my list to try would be the Million lashes one by L’Oréal.. you have really pretty eyes by the way 🙂

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