Thank You X Infinity

Hello there,

I started my blog over a month ago when I was in a panic about Christmas.  As with a lot of people I feel a tad more depressed at that time of year so I wanted to try occupy my head with something other than how utterly amazing I should be feeling all because it was Christmas, because quite frankly I wasn’t feeling it & I’ve a tendency to mope & get pulled into a dark place.

But not this year I refused to bow down to the black dog & instead I busied myself with writing my reviews & reading other blogs when I felt the familiar pang of dread wash over me. 
People put Advent calenders up counting down to the big day, I tend to count the days down until January. 

AnyhoO this blog has helped me no end, I’ve joined the blogosphere family & in doing that I’ve got chatting to some amazing people, namely YOU!! & read some great blogs, YOUR BLOGS!!

So I wanted to say a big ole thankya to each of you for clicking my page & reading my wee blurbs & for writing yours, you’ve made me very happy indeed.  I’m super excited for 2015 so I can continue onwards & upwards & see what else I can write & read about.

If you do stop by be sure to say hellO so I can check out your blog!
Also, if you’re on Instagram my username there is Juniper82 so add me & say hellO! 
Or On Twitter I’m Maria_Vivre .
If I’m following you on here I’d like to add you to my IG & Twitter toO!

Again folks *ThAnK yoU sO MuCH*   

~ LoVe & huGs ~




2 thoughts on “Thank You X Infinity

  1. You know blogging has made me happier than any other activity I have done in a long long time.. when I feel a bit sad, I read and follow new blogs..through this, i chatted with people all over the world and end up feeling good 🙂 you have taken the right step

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