Storage 2 – 0 Clutter

Hello there,

So here’s part 2 on my storage posts & I saved the worst till last. 
My makeup!
It’s literally everywhere & it was really doing my head in. Not being able to find whatever I was looking for was the final straw. So here’s a cheap & simple option on how I’m combatting the mess.



I picked up these 4 small boxes in B&M for ÂŁ2.99 & delegated one to eye makeup. One to nails, One to brushes & one to lips. I’m going to get some more as I ended up *Quelle surprise* having more items than I had boxes to put them in. These boxes are really so handy, when I’m finished hoking through them I can just pop the lids back on & stack them vertically for more room. I also got a woven basket for ÂŁ2.99 & am keeping all the the bits I use daily in here so I know exactly what is where.


While I was boxing up everything I bit the bullet & binned alot of stuff.  A few eyecreams that I hadn’t even used.  If I’m honest I didn’t even realise I had them.  Eyeliners, lipsticks, cleansers, toners, eyeshadows etc.. These were all a gigantic waste of money as they were lost in a sea of messy makeup & were definately beyond their use by date.  I really hate binning makeup.  It feels inherently wrong but I’m starting as I mean to go on & making a massive effort to cut back on clutter.  Hopefully this way I’ll use what I already have quicker & not double or tripple up on items. 

I really hope you find this helpful.  Are you a hoarder? Please tell me you are so I’m not alone.

~ LoVe & huGs ~




16 thoughts on “Storage 2 – 0 Clutter

  1. I’m a hoarder aha every once in a while when my room becomes a tip, I have to organise it all yet again and throw away the clutter! Clutter just follows me everywhere I go!

    • Aw thank god there’s 2 of us!! 😊
      I think it’s IMPOSSIBLE not to hoard!! Tonight’s the 1st time I’ve binned anything in forever, I get too attached to it! Haha how sad is that!! 😊 xx

      • Haha omg that happens to me sometimes too! Then there are just piles of absolutely useless things in my cupboards D:

      • Haha we’ll go on a hoarding show!! 😊
        “Trapped under a mountain of mascara” haha . .
        Confession time . . I still have a Chanel eyeshadow pallette I got as a present when I was 14!!!!!! I’m now 32!! 😕
        14 like!!!!! How wrong is that!!
        But I point blank refuse to bin it, mainly because it’s Chanel! Haha xO

      • Omg hahahah it’s probably expired by now 😛 But I totally understand your reasons for keeping it, I would too.

        I have this one barbie sticker which came from a sweet I got when I was on holiday in India when I really young. I used the sticker for a while then got bored so peeled it off and stuck it onto some paper. I have kept this paper like it has the secrets of life written all over it?? haha x

    • It’s easily done petal . . Yesterday was the straw for me & believe me it took a while to sort but I’m glad it’s done. . It’s boosted my happiness a bit too now I know where everything is I won’t have to waste time rooting through a mountain of makeup to fine 1 specific item!! ☺ xO

    • Thanks pet . . 7 drawer chest!!! Ermegherd!! That’s amazing!!! 😀
      It really does makes such a difference when everything is tidied away & in its own wee place! I just got to make sure I keep on top of it & not slip back into my wiley ways!! 😊 xO

  2. Yayyy…I’m not alone! This happens with me all the all over the place. .i think I should do something about it!

  3. Wow what a stash you have! I find I need to do a big clean out every now and again and sometimes rediscover products I haven’t used in ages!

    Mary //

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