Monday, Wednesday & Friday

HellO there you lOveLy lot!

I decided to add a bit of rhyme & reason to my blogging schedule. 
I’ll be uploading posts every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. 
This gives me time to plan & prepare each one & it lets you know exactly which days to stop by.

Although in saying that it really is taking aaaall my will power (which isn’t much) not to upload tomorrows post right now!!

AaaGhhhh I reeeeally want to, but I’ll be super good & stick to my new timetable!! ☺

Thanks *SOoooOo* much for all the amazing feedback & support. 
Each & every single one of you has made me a very happy smiley Maria!

As always . . .

~ LoVe & huGs~




16 thoughts on “Monday, Wednesday & Friday

  1. I don’t have a blogging schedule because I know I’d never keep up haha. I either blog too much or blog too little. I couldn’t even complete my daily post august haha! Life just gets in the way damn!

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