Missed The BB Cream Boat?

Hello there!

Today I’m talking about Blemish Balm or BB Cream as we all know it by.  I hold my hands up & admit I have one hundred percent missed the boat on this one.  Like that time I bought David Grays ‘White Ladder’ album 4 years or more after it came out & raved about how much I liked it to dumbfounded friends thinking I’d been asleep for 5 years.  Yup, finger on the pulse people.  That’s me!


So on Friday while I was in my home away from home, or superdrug as it’s known to the public. I seen this stand with “Better Than Half Price” written on it, on closer inspection I noticed it was BB Cream, CC Cream & DD Cream, fully admit to never having heard of the latter 2 & my OCD reeeeally wanted to put them in alphabetical order.

AnyhOo I picked the light shade of Anti-Ageing BB Cream (£3.48 for 50ml) because I am not getting any younger folks. 

Its claims:

–  Reduces appearance of lines & wrinkles
–  Improves Skin’s smoothness & firmness
–  Conceals imperfections & age spots.
–  Boosts skin’s radiance
–  Evens out skin tone
–  24hr hydration
–  SPF 30

What is BB Cream ?

An all in one cream, combining a moisturiser, a primer, a concealer & a foundation.
It also states that it can be worn alone, with or without moisturiser or as a primer under foundation. 


I know it says it can be worn without a moisturiser but I cannot not wear moisturiser, here I am with just Neutrogena moisturiser rubbed in.


And with only the BB Cream.  Initially it looks a bit greasey /oily so I left it for 5 minutes to see it would dry out a bit. 


But there was still a wet like quality to it so I applied some powder to set it & did the rest of my makeup.


It gives good coverage, albeit a little oily before adding a powder to set. It felt strange not having to add a concealer like I usually would with a foundation, but if you want to you definately can. I think this would be ideal for when you want a light quick coverage without having to wear a full face of foundation. I’ll keep this for the days I don’t have time to do a full face of makeup but still want to look like I’ve bothered.
However I would say not to apply it too close to your eyes, I dabbed a bit on my eyelids & massively regretted it. Wattery eyes all over the place.

Whats your view on BB Cream? Any favourite brand?

Thanks so much for reading.

~ LoVe & huGs ~




6 thoughts on “Missed The BB Cream Boat?

  1. I haven’t had good experiences with american-made bb creams. But the korean ones are spot on, probably because that’s where they really cultivated.

    • Yes I’ve heard a few negative reports avout it, so was extra tempted to try it out myself. . ☺
      My foundation’s quite expensive so I wanted to see if there was an alternative I could use for days I wasn’t really doing much but still wanted to have a little coverage & try preserve my foundation a bit longer. . Xx

  2. I have tried a few drugstore ones in India and I can tell you, all of them are really different in terms of coverage, spf, moistursation etc..so try a few of them..you might find something that really suits you well!

    • aWw cheers pet . . To be fair It was only £3.48 so if I didn’t like it it wasn’t going to break the bank . . Will just keep it for work or during the day so I can preserve my foundation a bit longer!! 🙂 xx

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