Essentials Kit

HellO there!

I was over on the lovely the other day & seen her “Whats in my bag” tag. One of the items she mentioned really jumped out at me. It was a small makeup type bag that held all the things that I, & I feel fairly confident here naming & shaming all of YOU have swimming about in the bottom of our bags.

Why have we never thought of putting it all in a purse or small bag!? 
Or, is this a thing & I’m lagging behind, again!

Either way this is my new favourite discovery & I’ve taken to putting together my “Essentials Kit” (yes, I’ve named it) with gusto.

What are we going to put in it?
I wrote down the things I *AlwAyS* forget when I leave the house then end up having to buy again.


*Dental Floss *Antibac Lotion *Gum *Tissues *Heartburn Tablets *Antihistamines * Paracetamol *Tampons *Hair Clips & *Hair Ties *Lip balm *Pen *Eye Drops *Nail File *Plasters *Hand Cream *Hand Wipes


I found this idea so refreshing, knowing all the things I need & use daily are in there & I’ll never have to repurchase another lipbalm for the 10th time because I’ve forgotten my original one at home again.
I’m also prone to allergies & there’s mornings I wake grand then when I’m an hour away from home I turn into a sneezey watery eyed mess, this way when it happens everything I need is right there for me. I’m so enthusiastic about this to the point I’m secretly hoping someone will ask me for something out of it, if you see me in the street please don’t hesitate, if you need any of the above I’ll sort you out. You could also add your staple makeup items that you like to have on you for touchups. Then just pop this into whatever bag you take. You know you best & what your go to bits & bobs are so have fun customising your own wee kit.

Let me know if I’ve forgotten something really obvious & if you try this out then come back & tell me what you’ve put in yours.

Thanks so much for stopping by my little part of the blogosphere.

~ LoVe & huGs ~




4 thoughts on “Essentials Kit

  1. Love this idea. You’re not wrong in saying most of this is at the bottom of my bag anyway! For me, I’d add contact lenses. Xx

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