Prime Time

HellO Everyone!

I’m talking about a new product today, well, another newby to me at least.  Primer.  Are you a fan? I’ve dabbled with it in the past but after a few uses it always found its way to the bottom of the makeup bag & lay forgotten about.  Then this past week I see reviews & ads for Benefits Porefessional everywhere & was all for trying it until I seen it was £24.50!!  £24.50!!! No chance.
The foundation I’m putting on over the primer doesn’t cost £24.50.

With my self imposed austerity measures in place I searched for my primer fix elsewhere.  And it was good old Rimmel to the rescue, why hadn’t I gone with the tried & trusted favourite in the first place! The brand that’s had my back since I was 14 & rocking the Coffee Shimmer lippy.


Stay Matte Primer.  (£5.99 for 30ml)

What is primer?
It creates a velvet like base that helps your makeup last alot longer. It can be worn alone, under makeup or on top to create a matte complexion.  It also controls shine & minimises the appearance of pores.

Does it do all of this? . . . Yes!
I was honestly shocked at how well it held up to its claims.  I always bring my buffer brush with me to swish over my face after a few hours if my makeup is looking a bit worn.  Today I didn’t.


Experiment time!
Here I am after putting on the primer, foundation & the rest of my makeup.  I didn’t primp, preen, reach for my brush or even look in a mirror once the entire day. (Which near killed me)


And again at 21.00.  This is after a full day on the go, usually by now my makeup would be showing a bit of wear, especially around the T-zone & I’d be reaching for the buffer to even things out.  But today not once. 

Are you a primer? Favourite brand? Do tell!

As always thank you all *SOoooOo* much for reading..

~ LoVe &huGs ~




9 thoughts on “Prime Time

  1. Great post Maria – I’ve just started using this primer a few weeks ago. I love the really soft silky feel of it – fab for the money 🙂 X

  2. I love Rimmel! I don’t buy a lot of designer makeup except for MAC eyebrow pencil so I really just use drugstore makeup and it’s my favourite brand!

    • I rarely if ever buy high end makeup, I always end up quantifying how much drugstore makeup I could have got for it . . Although in saying that I’ve asked my boyfriend for a voucher for Mac for my birthday, special occasion & all that! 😊 xx

    • Since I started using it I definitely think it makes a difference, I’ve noticed my makeup stays on alot better/longer & I don’t have to touch it up like I used to, xx

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