Rainbow Eyes


Apologies for missing my post on Friday you guys, naughty blogger.

AnyhoO I’m back today talking about big bright bold eyes.


Are you a fan?
I reeeeeeally want to be so I got this Beauty UK Posh Pallette In ‘Festival’ (£4.99) to see if it’s a fan of me.

Don’t worry I haven’t ran out & bought yet another mascara, my pal let me try out her Benefit They’re Real.  But I probably will go out & buy it at some stage because it’s a bit amazing.


There’s some really vibrant shades in the pallette, but if I could’ve I would’ve swapped the black for red, before you say, the top left if orange, it does look a bit red here.  There is some fall out so in future I’ll do my eyes before foundation so it’s really not a bit deal, plus you’re getting 10 colours for under a fiver.




I *LoVE* these colours.  There’s so many to mix & match.  I think they’re super fun, they’d definately brighten up any outfit, if you’re like me you don’t have a massive wardrobe to draw from these are most definately a way to add an extra element to an old favourite.

Would you do tropical eyes? Or what colours would you pair up?

Thanks so much for stopping by.

~ LoVe & huGs ~

* MaRiA *



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