My Beef with Beauty Blenders

Hello there,

I’m chatting about Beauty Blenders today & you may want to exit out of this page now if you’re a fan because this will not be a good review guys & gals.


Here it is in all it’s pink squidgy glory.  I bought 2 of them on Ebay for £1.50. Whereas in the shops they can retail for up to £20!!
Yes indeedy folks, TWENTY POUNDS for a bit of sponge no bigger than an egg.


Once you’ve moisturised & primed your pretty wee face you’re ready to go.  Fill a cup up with some warm water & pop the blender in & get it nice & wet.


Then put your usual amount of foundation on the blender & dab it around your face.  I really tried to like it, I swear I did but at the end of the day I’m just a die hard brush gal.  I like the dexterity of a brush that this sponge just did not provide me.

I found with the blender you’d be there the best part of a day trying to get it all even & in the end I still used my brush to buff it in properly where it was patchy.  And quite frankly ain’t nobody got time for that!

Are you a fan of Beauty Blenders?
Am I doing something wrong perhaps? All advice & tips are very much welcome.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

~ LoVe & huGs ~




7 thoughts on “My Beef with Beauty Blenders

  1. Sometimes the cheaper knockoff beauty blenders are a harder sponge and they dont blend as well. I would suggest finding a sponge thats soft and still has the shape and is squishy when damp. I dont pay for the real deal either and i found a good knockoff that works well at a store in my local mall. The chinese ones arent that great unfortunately

  2. I got the actual beauty blender free when I got my first Birchbox. I really loved it but then after the first time I washed it, it developed a load of mould on it even though it was dry so I had to throw it away 😦 xx

  3. Hi Maria, I got my first beauty blender as a gift from a friend and I was swayed by it. Since then it has become my favorite thing about makeup. Sadly its lifeline has expired so I need to invest in a new pair of beauty blender. I know its crazy expensive but I find it’s worth it for the job it delivers. All said, before going ahead and purchasing the new set I am planning to grab hold of budget friendly ones and then decide. Hopefully I will end up with a good cheap one, If not then.. *Beauty Blender* all the way.

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