Beauty Fashion Friday

HellO there Lovelies,

I am soOooo excited to introduce a new feature on Eclectic Blogaloo.  I’ll be posting Beauty Fashion Friday on the first & last Friday of every month.
And you sitting there reading. 
Yes YOU!!  You’ll be answering the questions we all ask. 
This feature will be a platform to share your beauty & style recommendations or pass on any advice, tips or tricks you have & in turn learn some tips & tricks yourself.  Win win eh!

Kicking us off this week is my best pal Susan.  She’s always been a super stylish wee thing so I’m excited about being able to pinch some of her secrets after reading.


* Who inspires your style?
No one to be honest, I just like what I like.

* What’s your favourite piece of clothing/accessories?(or both)
That hairband! Great for the dry shampoo days! Also my trusty leather jacket and scarf.  I wear them with everything.

* Where do you like to shop?
Ebay, primark, sales! Last of the big spenderssss!

* If money wasn’t an option & you could buy any beauty item tomorrow what would it be & why?
New boobs & a sunbed! haha no, a good concealer and highlighter. Maybe something to plump up my skin. Late nights, early mornings and little sleep make for many lines and dark circles!

* Do you have a certain style & how would you describe it?
I wish… I’m still tryin to find my style!  I usually either think I’m dressed too young for my age or too mumsy!

* What’s your daily beauty & makeup routine?
Soap and water and simple rich moisturiser! Then maxfactor ageless elixir 2 n 1 foundation and serum (warm  almond) cream blush, highlighter,NO7 waterproof mascara and a barley there lip gloss….this is just for the natural look haha!

* What’s your favourite beauty product/products ?
John Frieda Go blonder spray conditioner. I use the shampoo and conditioner too but the spray just lifts your colour a little with each use and looks very natural!  

* Do you have any beauty tips or tricks? If ur rushing, just your eyes.
A wee bit of colour and mascara is the difference between looking normal and looking like you have no eyes

* What’s been your worst fashion, beauty or hair disaster? (Or all)
A large black pagan wooden Cross round my neck, a black leather bomber jacket from the 80s & green hair.
Yep. All at the same time 😳

* Name a blog you read that you’d recommend to us?
Totally off topic but “Katie180” she’s a Australian nutritionalist AP (attachment parenting) mum with a great sense of humour. Love her.


Would you like to be featured on the next Beauty Fashion Friday?

If so, heres what you have to do:

Scribble down your replies to the above 10 questions.
Then get hoking through your albums & email both your favourite photo & 10 answers to me on

Thanks as always for your support you gorgeous bunch

~ LoVe & huGs ~




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