Cheap & Easy Valentines Gifts For Himself!

HellO Everyone,

I wanted to talk about Valentines day & if you do celebrate it I don’t think it should cost an arm & a leg.  It’s a day you share with your partner exchanging a gift & a card, but you decide what to give each other, not the shops & supermarkets with their inflated Valentines prices. 

I Love handmade pressies, I think they’re alot more thoughtful, especially if you consider the time that goes into making them. 
So I’ve put together some ideas that your man will love & won’t cost more than £5/£6.


Beer’s always going to be a winner ladies.  But we have to jazz it up a bit to show we’ve put some thought in.  We’ll need a 6 pack of their favourite tipple, a sheet of love heart patterned wrapping paper & on a blank page scribble “I Love You Beery Much!”. 
Then wrap the 6 pack in the heart paper & glue or tape your punned up page onto the box, you can go one step further & make 6 individual ones for each bottle, up to you & how much time you have. 


Redeemable Love Coupons, the only effort involved in these is thinking up what you’re going to write on them.  When you’ve that figured out jot down each one on some card & decorate with nice doodles.



Date Night Ideas, you can pick up some lolly pop sticks in a craft shop for a pound or two but if you don’t have time to go searching then some paper will more than do.  Again you’ll need to get your thinking cap on & you can be a bit crafty here girls & scribble down date ideas YOU want to do too.  The idea of this is they don’t break the bank.  You take it in turns each week to pick one.  You could even colour code them.  Purple: £10-£20, blue: £20-£30, green: £30-£40.  That way depending where you are in the month financially you’ll always find something to suit your purse & wallet.


Deck Of Love, on a regular old deck of cards with a good black marker write 52 reasons why you love your partner or perhaps 52 great memories you’ve shared together.  You don’t have to sit down & think up all 52 in one go, that would be a nightmare task.  Instead give your imagination free reign through the day & message or email yourself the ideas or memories as you think of them.  I’ve actually used this idea before & I wrote my cards 15/20 at a time so it wasn’t this mammoth task of having to do all 52 in one sitting.  So when you do have them all written down hole punch the sides & run some ribbon or twine through to hold them together or if time doesn’t allow that then just put them back into their box which will work just as good.  Next place the deck somewhere they’ll find with instructions that they only read 1 per day.  A perfect way to brighten up their next 52 days.



I’ve saved the best till last ladies.  Lets break with tradition & give our guys some roses. Bacon Roses.  Yes indeedy, these exist & are super duper easy to make.  Roll up each piece of streaky bacon tightly, put a cocktail stick through each one to hold their shape, then pop them all onto a bun tray & into the oven till they’re cooked.  You can pick up a bunch of fake flowers from the pound shop.  Remove the flower & replace with your bacon rose.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration for whatever pressie you choose to give & remember you don’t have to spend alot of cash to have a good Valentines so have a great day however you spend it.

Thanks so much for dropping by.

~ LoVe & huGs ~




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