Hey there,

Tonight was a first for me, I went to a yoga class.  I’ve always been curious so I bit the bullet & went & I’m so glad I did.


Wow! I’d no idea humans could bend like that. It was really awesome, starting with slow deep breathes & meditation to full body stretches like a cat to core strength moves & balancing. It was a really chilled atmosphere, lovely people & the teacher was great. So as soon as I got home I got to researching & let me tellya the benefits of yoga are plenty. 

Here are just a handful:

*  If you have poor/ average posture it’ll begin to fix itself overtime.

*  Your strength, flexibility & endurance will increase.

*  Arm & shoulder strength is multiplied from using your own body weight for resistance.

*  Lats & other back muscles will begin to support the spine better than before.

* With the deep breathing & meditation that’s involved you’ll feel relieved from stress & mental clutter.

* Protects your spine.  Between forward bends, backbends & all the twists involved this will help keep the discs in your spine supple.

*  Makes you happier.  Tonight I found it hard to to do many of the poses but I was thrilled to bits for trying plus I can only improve.  Doing things you enjoy boosts your serotonin levels & makes you feel good, so get out there & do them!

Like I said, these are only a few of the benefits of yoga, why not try it yourself & see if you notice any others. Honestly clear your head from any preconceived ideas you have of it & just go, you’ll be glad you did.
Thanks so much for reading!

~LoVe & huGs~




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