Mermaid Nails

HellO there,

I’m generally not a fan of nail varnishes, because I put it on & a day later it’s chipped.  But the magpie in me spied these twinkly gems the other day & I couldn’t resist trying one.  The Barry M Aquarium range. (£3.99)



I picked mermaid, a blue/green with flecks of gold varnish.  I put a coat of clear varnish on my nails first then when it dried I gradually built up the glitter leaving time for each coat to dry then finished it with another coat of clear.


It stayed on 4 full days before I got a small chip so I was really thrilled with that.  Then when I went to take it off I was actually able to peel it off as I’d built up so many layers.  I’m definitely going to invest in another few bottles so I can mix & match the colours.

Are you a fan of glitter varnishes?

Thabks for stopping by.

~ LoVe & HuGs ~



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