Crazy To Use Crazy Colour?

Hello there lovely readers,

I’ve been gradually lightening my hair over the past year & I really love the colour it’s now eventually at, but alas it’s bitter sweet because as a natural brunette maintaining this long sought after blonde is massively destroying my hair.

So I’ve decided I really should go back to my roots soon, but before I do that I wanted to have a moment of madness & take a trip back to my youth with some Crazy Colour.


I bought this bottle maybe 3 weeks ago for £7 in Sallys & have been building up the nerve to use it.  In hindsight I needn’t have been so anxious about using it considering how awful it turned out.


Grim or what eh! I followed the instructions to the letter & this is the result.  It took in a quarter of my hair!

Not impressed obviously, will I buy it again? NO.  Would I recommend it? NO.
The next time I go hair dye shopping it’ll be for a shade of natural brown.  I think I’ll leave my notions of rainbow hair in the past.

Have you had a better result with Crazy Colour?

Thanks so much for stopping by

~ LoVe & huGs ~




4 thoughts on “Crazy To Use Crazy Colour?

  1. good to know your results! You shouldn’t let this influence your idea to go colourful though, Im sure with another product you could get a better and brighter colour. Good luck! xx

  2. I’m sorry this happened to you but also relieved that it’s not just me. I was attempting to go purple and used this with the same result. I then tried to fix it with some Crazy Color Violette and it went blue! I hope you’ve managed to save your hair! Lisa x

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