Wardrobe Full Of Clothes & Nothing To Wear

Hello there,

I’m so sorry for neglecting you all lately.  But I’ve become super focused on trying to shift weight I’ve put on over the past 10 months or so & there just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes to fit everything in that needs done so alas my wee blog got put on the back burner. *Slaps self on wrist*

Somehow it doesn’t seem fair that it takes seconds to eat a Mars bar but yet an hour to walk it off again.  I’ve gone from a size 12/14 to a 16 over the past year.  But this past month with running, gyming & eating proper sized portions I’m back to a 14 & I’ll get to a 12, but it’ll take time & hard work. 

I got to thinking about this time last year when I was a lot slimmer & tried to remember how the weight creeped back on . . . “I’ll skip todays run/walk . . I’ll just go to the gym tomorrow instead . . Sure I lost X amount of weight already I’ve done the hard work I’ll be grand . . Ok just a few extra roast potatoes & some more chicken & that’s me . . . I’ll have a pizza tonight & start fresh on Monday” . .  Etc . .


So yeah, really not that hard to see how I jumped up to a 16 again is it!?  It got me thinking  about ways to keep the weight off this time.  I was just under 2 stone lighter a year ago. 
So why did it take till now before I did something?  Well I looked in my wardrobe tonight & I’ve honestly more clothes than I could ever wear, but do I wear half of them? No!!  They are in an array of sizes & therein lays my problem!!

If I put on a few pounds & my jeans become too tight then it doesn’t matter because I can always just wear the larger ones.  But then I end up wearing the larger ones all the time until one day the larger ones become too tight. 

So what do I do!?  You may think it drastic but I’ve decided to bin /Ebay or charity shop EVERYTHING that’s a size 16 or a loose 14.  I do NOT want or need them about me coaxing me to be lazy on the days I need to be motivated because I know they’ll be there if I want to have a few Chinese takeaways one week & sure I can always wear them if I size up again. 
But that’s the thing, I don’t want to size up again, if the clothes I’m wearing start to feel tighter then you can bet I’ll be out running or cutting back on my portions to rectify that & NOT just buy larger clothes as the answer.

If you’ve any tipe or advice of your own personal journeys with exercise, fittness & weightloss then message below.  I’d really love to hear back from you.

As always, thanks SO much for stopping by for a read, it really does mean so much.

Sending you all

*LoVe & huGs*



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