Daytrip To Dublin On A Budget

HellO there!

On Wednesday I took the Enterprise from Belfast to Dublin to meet up with my boyfriend who lives in Southern Ireland so we could spend the day together.  I’ll state the obvious here by saying that Dublin is expensive & the fact we were spending 8 hours there could get costly.  I prebooked my train ticket online for £17.50 return from Bangor to Dublin. (book 72hrs pre day of travel to take advantage of their webfare.)


Next up was getting us some cheap food & drinks, I went on Groupon & got us a voucher for 2 burgers & 2 sides costing €20 in a restaurant called BoBos.  There was no escaping the OTT cow theme, it kind of felt like the murals were watching us eat there relatives.


Then the bar/club 4 Dame Lane had an offer, €10 for 3 cocktail, so I bought us 2 of these.  I recommend their Long Island Ice Tea, June Bug & Lynchburg Lemonade.  All very tasty.


We spent the day wandering about the city checking out museums & popping into shops.


Temple Bar is super expensivd but a lovely wee spot to dander about nonetheless.  I love it’s cobble stone streets & quirky colourful shops. The bottom left photo made me laugh, selling written on stones for €1!!


Ross loves science so I brought him to the Science Gallery on Pearse Street,  but it was grim.  Nothing sciencey about it.  We stayed all of 5 minutes, it was more like an Urban Outfitters with a huge gift shop & a giant café with very very little space actually dedicated to science displays.  Avoid!!!!


Next we cut through Trinity College & went into the National Library on Kildare Street.  There was a display on Irelands input in WW1.


There was an exhibition on William Butler Yeats, with hand written poems, letters & the books he owned.


Next door was the The Archeology & History Museum. Again if you get the chance check it out.  It features gold artefacts from western Europe, metalwork from the Celtic Iron Age & objects from Medieval & prehistoric Ireland, not to mention the Egyptian section.
The day flew in & sure enough it was soon time for me to get the train back home.  It was a good wee day & cost next to nothing seeing as we’d already our vouchers paid for in advance.  Most of these Groupon deals are valid for a few months so maybe a good idea to purchase them when you’ve a bit of extra cash then keep them till the end of the month when you want to do something but can’t afford it, so you’ve still something to look forward to.  Win win!

Are you a Groupon fan? What have you bought?

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my rambles.  I Hope you all have a safe & fun weekend & I’ll see you back here on Monday.

~LoVe & huGs ~

* MaRiA *


2 thoughts on “Daytrip To Dublin On A Budget

  1. Hey I’ve been to Dublin too! Loved Temple Bar area in the night.. I’ve also visited the Archaeology Museum..the amount of gold over there is freakish! I agree that the city is expensive. .but I find the whole Europe (at least the Western Europe where I have visited) to be quite expensive in general.. your post brought back fond memories 🙂

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