Letting Go Of Regret & Overcoming Fears!

Hello all you lovely lot,

Did you all have a nice weekend? I hope so.  Mine was fair to middling as I was working mostly, but I did get to see Cinderella which was the cherry on my Sunday (despite seeing it on Saturday.)  Fantasy, big dresses, glitter & happily ever afters.  The impossible dream made reality for 90 or so minutes. . .

So today I wanted to chat about education, knowledge & learning.  My own (scholastic) experience can be summed up pretty quickly.  I got my leaving certificate from secondary school, did well in French, English & Art History.  Went to college the following year to study Culture & French. Got completely overwhelmed & distracted by nightlife & all the frills.  I failed a module, never repeated it & to my eternal detriment & regret I stupidly dropped out of college. 
But hindsights great & it was evident I wasn’t mature enough at the time.  I know that now & have stopped beating myself up over the could’ve beens.  Because I wouldn’t have met the people I’ve met, I wouldn’t have had the experiences I’ve had on the trajectory I did end up on.  There really is very little point in regretting things (although hard not to at times). 
It’s a fast track to robbing your happiness & focus from other things you could be doing to make yourself more content & wiser.  I really try to remember that.  To be fair I fail 90% of the time but I won’t stop trying. 

The following year I did a PLC course in French & got to spend a summer in Paris.  That was in 2001 & today 14 years later I still find myself strolling along the Seine at 6am watching the book sellers open their stalls whenever my mind wanders.  That’s my memory, for keeps & I can go there whenever I want.  No degree was required for me to gain it.

I’ve been to Paris about 5 or so times & like I said when I close my eyes I’m back there.  If I hadn’t have flunked college would I have this memory that I hold so dear? Who knows.  I remind myself of this whenever I think about visiting regretsville.  Usually a few times a week to be fair.  There are some things a university degree cannot buy you.  Do I still want one? Of course!
But I’ve been out of education for a loOong time, I got to clicking about on that there World Wide Web & happened upon a plethora of free courses . Yup you heard me . .  FREE!!

Fair enough they aren’t accredited, but that doesn’t make the knowledge gained through doing them any less real.  The brain is a muscle, just like legs, eyes, arms etc & it needs flexed every now & then to keep it fit. 

I started my diploma in Mental Health Studies tonight.  The catastophiste in me wants to say ‘oh but it’s not a real diploma’ But I’ve given that part of me the night off & I’m getting stuck in to my course. 
I’d love to do an accredited one at some stage so that’s my new goal.  
I was reminded tonight by my best friend of something I said when I was a kid “I’ll never be able to run, I’m not fit”.  I’ve since forced myself to become fit & have two 10ks under my belt with a 3rd on the horizon in July.  Running used to be an impossibility.  So I just never tried.  A scary thought wouldn’t you agree?  How many things have you put off doing just because you thought you might not be able to? 
What’s really holding you back from TRYING!?? Nothing! Not a thing, if you fail you fail, but sure just try it again eh. 

I have days where my goal isn’t to run 6 miles, it isn’t to do a degree.  Somedays my goal is to just get out of bed.  If you know me in real life you’ll know I’ll happily chat away about my experience with depression, it affects us all one way or another so it should be spoken about out loud. 

I’m mentioning it because your goals are YOUR goals & they DO NOT & SHOULD NOT be compared to anyone elses.  No matter what it is it’s your achievement & you should be nothing short of delighted with it. 
So if there’s something you want to try then just try it.  You’ll surprise yourself for the better. I promise.

Thanks so much for reading,

~LoVe & huGs ~




5 thoughts on “Letting Go Of Regret & Overcoming Fears!

  1. I loved this post. Couldn’t agree more. Everyone’s goals should be individual to them. Too many people just drift along doing what is expected of them without ever pausing to ask themselves what it is that they would personally like to achieve. Fair play Missus, a brave and honest post. X

  2. You are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your college experience and health experience it’s so inspiring. I had the opposite problem… went to college, got distracted, failed… but instead of dropping out I stayed in college AND stayed distracted and now I have a plethora of student loans and an almost there but not quite degree. HOWEVER, I can’t beat myself up over this any more than you can because you are right! We still had amazing experiences! OMG, Paris 5 times! How awesome is that!

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