Aunt an Uncle Day: Sunday 26th July

Hey there,

As you can see in the wee toolbar thingy I’ve a new tab titled “Kooky Kalender”.  Basically throughout the year I’ll be uploading this section each month with all the holidays we rarely hear about. Some are pretty unbelievable & some you’ll definitely have a giggle at.

it’s generally accepted that it’s kids day everyday. Then there’s Mother & Fathers day & even Granny & Grandad day. But what about the aunties & uncles out there?! The ones that send us birthday & Christmas cards every year, or who slip a five or ten pound note into our hands when our folks aren’t looking.  The ones that babysit without question or fee.  When’s their special day?  Well I’m very glad you asked because It’s actually this Sunday guys & gals.

aunt and uncle

Last week I went in search of a card to send my favourite pair & was gutted to see there weren’t any available to mark this auspicious day, well, not to be outdone by Hallmarks loss I made do with one that was blank on the inside & I doodled the bejaysus out of it with my own font & sent it on its way.

What would make for a good present?  

  • We don’t have to break the bank, I think general acknowledgement of all that they do for us is key & a card is perfect for this.  Simple & to the point.
  • Where do they like to eat out? A gift voucher with any amount toward a meal will most definitely be appreciated.
  • What about flowers? Pretty much all florists will have an online shop making it super simple, you don’t even need to leave your house. Remember, flowers aren’t just for the ladies.  A houseproud uncle will appreciate a lovely bouquet brightening up the front room just as much as auntie will.
  • Make them dinner & invite them around. A complete night off for them & their kitchen.
  • Bake a cake or muffins & deliver them round in a nice basket.

If cash is a bit tight then go handmade, it’ll always be a winner. Print off a few photo with some meaning to them & decorate a frame with some beads or buttons.  It’ll still be there long after a voucher for dinner has been eaten.  Or even send a text or make a phone call & let them know you appreciate them.  I guarantee you will make their day.

Let me know what idea you go for on Sunday!

~LoVe & HuGs~




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