Ode to Kimonos

Hello there, I hope everyones keeping well & you’re all over indulgling for National Milk Chocolate Day! 🙂 AnyhoO at the weekend there I was at a barbecue, my pal Ashley was wearing a beautiful kimono.  I had to try it on. image I loved it.  So here I am today looking about online for some.  I was drawn to George for sheer convenience, I can order online then collect from their store 2 days later free of charge. Here’s a few I liked. image Fashion Box Pattered kimomo £15 image Floral Lace Panel Kimono £14 image Kimono Sleeve Blazer £14 image image Lace Trim Kimono Cardigan in both white & orange £18 I’ve one kimono in my wardrobe already & there’s definitely going to be a few more added.  There are so many types.  From sheer to full coverage, then long & short sleeved to suit all weather types. Are you a kimono fan? What types do you like? Thanks so much for stopping by. ~LoVe & HuGs~ *MaRiA* xO


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