National Milk Chocolate Day

Hey there,

I think I’ve found my new favourite holiday.  Today is National Milk Chocolate Day!  Yup, you heard me, we are fully EXPECTED to be stuffing our faces full of milky chocolate treats today.
In fact I’d go as far as to say you’d be doing your country a disservice by not eating your part of the chocolate.


I was food shopping earlier when I seen these Wispa hot chocolate drinks, I grabbed 4 to bring into work tomorrow to celebrate this great day with my 3 work pals.

What’ll you be having?
Chocolate cake? Rice krispie buns? Chocolate fruit fondu?

Remember guys & girls it’s expected of us to eat milk chocolate today so do your bit with a guilt free conscience!!

Comment below & let me know what went for!

~LoVe & Chocolaty HuGs~




One thought on “National Milk Chocolate Day

  1. Ahhh stop with it Maria – I haven’t had a Wispa in sooooooo long – you’ve put me in the mood well & truly now lol Might have to make a quick trip down the shops… would be rude not to celebrate, right?! haha XXX

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