Savoury Swirls

Hey there,

Here’s a super quick & easy recipe for my savoury swirls.  I made it last week & it fed five.

My main ingredients were chorizo, chicken & applewood smoked cheese.  Then I used tomato purée with basil, oregano, salt & pepper as the base.


Unroll the pastry, mix the herbs in with the purée, (I’d use half the tube or less, mixed with some water so it’s not so rich.)  Spoon it out so all the pastry is covered.


I love chorizo so I used lots & layered it over the sauce.


Next I cut the chicken up & scattered it on top of the chorizo.


I love Applewood cheese, as of a month ago when I was introduced to it by my good pal Linda.  Sprinkle a decent amount of this grated goodness over the chicken to complete the mix.


Now comes the fun bit so get ready to get a little bit messy.  Roll the pastry back up, it doesn’t matter if some of the ingredients fall out because we can sprinkle them over the top.


Sharp knife at the ready & cut the roll into an inch or so wide slices.  Pop in the ovan at 190° for 25mins.  I think cooking it at a lower temp for a longer time is best to ensure the pastry is cooked through.


Et voila! “Marias Savoury Swirls” 🙂
They really are so tasty & filling.  Good to eat hot or cold.  Plus there’s so many different recipes you can try to suit all palettes.  From veggie to meat eaters, not forgetting the desert option.

If you try it out I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

~LoVe & HuGs~




3 thoughts on “Savoury Swirls

  1. Oh wow – these look soooo darn yum!!!! Will defo be trying these out Maria, my lot would love them 🙂 Will keep you posted when I give it a go hehe Karen xo xo

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