Hi There!

I started this blog as an outlet for sharing ideas & my daily rambles . . I love makeup, style & beauty, So I thought I’d review the bits & pieces I buy! I also enjoy pottering about in the kitchen so join me in there too & I’ll document any culinary endeavours I manage to create . . Lets just call this a lifestyle blog with a mish mash of other day to day things.  I’m really looking forward to reading lots of great blogs & meeting the lovely people behind them. So if you stop by please say hello. ♡

PR Friendly.

Email: marleymoblog@gmail.com

Instagram: Marley_Mo

Snapchat: Juniper82


10 thoughts on “About

    • HellOoo!!

      aWw this is so CooL!! Thanks so much for stopping by & saying hello!! I’m so chuffed! :)) . . Look at us eh , the wee N.I blog massive! Hehe . . I’m away to check out your blog now lovely! Maria . . xO

      • lol – absolutely!!!! It’s about time a wee posse of us got together on here… I’m just so blooming chuffed there’s a few more of us on the same stretch of land now haha You’re so welcome huni, you’ve a fabulous blog X

    • aWw cheers poppet!!
      You’re super sweet . . Love this!!
      I’m offski this weekend so I’ll get stuck in tomorrow!!
      I too thought Carrie was sniffing bathsalts for letting go of Aiden!!! My pal is also a massive lover of sneezing!! Hehe you random pair!! I’ll have to let her know she’s not alone! 😃 xO

      • You’re so welcome lovely ❤ Oh fab, well take your time – no pressure whatsoever, honestly!!! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks she lost the plot haha. Oh wow, really? Looks like there's two sneezing weirdo's in the world now lol 😀 Xo

    • Hi Jacob,

      Thanks for stopping by ☺ . . Your blogs great, I’ve been having a wee read, love your style! 👍. . Hope your weekend is going well!

      Maria @ MarleMo 😊 xx

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