Turkey & Chick Pea Casserole

Hello there,

I’ve been playing about with the ingredients in the cupboards this week & I’ve found a winning & tasty combo.


Here’s what you’ll need ……

◾  2 turkey steaks, diced into small pieces & any fat removed.

◾ 1 tin of peeled plum tomatoes.

◾ 1 tin of Mexican bean mix.

◾ 1 small tin of marrowfat peas.

◾ 1 small tin of chick peas.

◾  Chilli powder, garlic flakes, mixed herbs, salt & pepper to flavour.


I also added a chicken stock cube & also a little squeeze of tomato puree to help thicken the sauce up.


Put everything into your dish & cook for 30 minutes at 180 degrees.


20 minutes in give it a stir & remove the lid for last 10 minutes.


Serve it up with whatever takes your fancy, tonight we opted for brown rice.

Sit back and enjoy! 👌

~MaRiA~ xO



Hey there,

Tonight was a first for me, I went to a yoga class.  I’ve always been curious so I bit the bullet & went & I’m so glad I did.


Wow! I’d no idea humans could bend like that. It was really awesome, starting with slow deep breathes & meditation to full body stretches like a cat to core strength moves & balancing. It was a really chilled atmosphere, lovely people & the teacher was great. So as soon as I got home I got to researching & let me tellya the benefits of yoga are plenty. 

Here are just a handful:

*  If you have poor/ average posture it’ll begin to fix itself overtime.

*  Your strength, flexibility & endurance will increase.

*  Arm & shoulder strength is multiplied from using your own body weight for resistance.

*  Lats & other back muscles will begin to support the spine better than before.

* With the deep breathing & meditation that’s involved you’ll feel relieved from stress & mental clutter.

* Protects your spine.  Between forward bends, backbends & all the twists involved this will help keep the discs in your spine supple.

*  Makes you happier.  Tonight I found it hard to to do many of the poses but I was thrilled to bits for trying plus I can only improve.  Doing things you enjoy boosts your serotonin levels & makes you feel good, so get out there & do them!

Like I said, these are only a few of the benefits of yoga, why not try it yourself & see if you notice any others. Honestly clear your head from any preconceived ideas you have of it & just go, you’ll be glad you did.
Thanks so much for reading!

~LoVe & huGs~



Portion Control & Budgeting

Hello there,

I wanted to talk about food shopping & food portions today.  I’ve taken a notion recently to watch what I eat, or moreso how much of what I eat. 
I bought a digital food scale in Lidl last week & began my mission to weigh my meals.  I was mortified at how much I’d been piling on my plate & scraping into the bin.  Basically I was piling on weight & throwing money away. 


I went food shopping today & had blinkers on to sweeties, chocolate & crisps.  I was intent on buying essentials to cook proper meals with.   
Like the soup mix in the bottom corner of the above photo was £1 & I’ll get maybe 4 bowls from it.


There’s 4 other options.  I’ll be a soup making queen in no time.


When I used to buy a bag of frozen chips I’d shake a random amount of them onto a tray & into the oven they’d go, then into the bin the ones I didn’t eat went.  So this time round with my trusty scales I’m weighing out what I should be eating. 


I bought sandwich bags & got busy weighing & filing up the freezer.  I won’t feel bad about having chips now seeing as I’ll be having a normal portion & not weighing them out with my eyes like I used to.

I’m going to make a massive effort not to buy things I really don’t need & check how I’ve done in a month.  Hopefully I’ll be richer, lighter & healthier. 

Thanks so much  reading.

~ LoVe & huGs ~