Crazy To Use Crazy Colour?

Hello there lovely readers,

I’ve been gradually lightening my hair over the past year & I really love the colour it’s now eventually at, but alas it’s bitter sweet because as a natural brunette maintaining this long sought after blonde is massively destroying my hair.

So I’ve decided I really should go back to my roots soon, but before I do that I wanted to have a moment of madness & take a trip back to my youth with some Crazy Colour.


I bought this bottle maybe 3 weeks ago for £7 in Sallys & have been building up the nerve to use it.  In hindsight I needn’t have been so anxious about using it considering how awful it turned out.


Grim or what eh! I followed the instructions to the letter & this is the result.  It took in a quarter of my hair!

Not impressed obviously, will I buy it again? NO.  Would I recommend it? NO.
The next time I go hair dye shopping it’ll be for a shade of natural brown.  I think I’ll leave my notions of rainbow hair in the past.

Have you had a better result with Crazy Colour?

Thanks so much for stopping by

~ LoVe & huGs ~