Polka Dot Nails

Hello there,

One of my favourite apps is Pinterest, it’s great for saving ideas you’d like to try out in the future, and one of the ideas I wanted to try was polka dot nails.


I typed “Nail Art Tools” into eBay and up popped these 5 pens for 99p.


They arrived 2 days later, so all I needed was a willing set of hands. Luckily my pal Susan offered up hers.


They’re soOoO easy to use.
Firstly I put a base coat on, then pink varnish all over. After they dried, I opened the varnish I was going to use for the dots then just dabbed the point of the pen onto the dipped brush, making sure it was well coated before putting the brush back into the bottle.


It’s so much fun to do and because the pens are double ended with different sized points you can pick and choose the size of each dot. I layered up 4 colours then when they dried I finished with a top coat on.

You could also use cocktail sticks if you can’t be bothered with waiting on eBay.

Happy polka dotting guys and gals!

~MaRiA~ xO


Blonde To Brunette

Hey there,

I’m not sure what happened to this post yesterday. I wrote & saved it but alas it disappeared into cyberspace. But no biggy.

Remember how I’d been threatening to dye my hair back to brunette? Well I finally got round to doing it. I really loved the blonde I’d gotten to but it was just too damaging to maintain it, my hair was breaking off everytime I brushed it. Then the Crazy Colour farce of wanting lavender hair but ending up with a few purple stripes was the last straw.

Ju69lI chose Clairol in Medium Brown because there were no red tones in it & it was quite close to my natural hair colour. It cost £4 & it recommended leaving in for 25 minutes but I washed it out after about 17 as I didn’t want to go too dark considering how blonde my hair was.

I’m quite happy with how natural it came out & relieved at not having to touch it up every 5/6 weeks. All I need now is to get a trim & a hundred or so deep conditions & hopefully my wee mop will fiiiiinally be on the road to recovery.

Have you had any hair disasters? Comment below & let me know I’m not alone.

Thanks so much for stopping by my lil blog.

*LoVe & huGs*



Metalic Eyes

Hello there,

Do you like metalic colours in your makeup? I do! In fact I *LoVe* them & my favourite right now is Gosh Forever Eye Shadow Stick.  £5.99


There’s a whole range of them, I’ve 3 at the moment, but gradually building up my collection every payday. 



They’re very pigmented & have some serious lasting power.  I love how you can build them up & make different colours as they’re so blendable.  I also use them as a base for dry shadows to help make their colour pop more.

Have you tried these shadows? Let me know what you think!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

~LoVe & huGs~



Crazy To Use Crazy Colour?

Hello there lovely readers,

I’ve been gradually lightening my hair over the past year & I really love the colour it’s now eventually at, but alas it’s bitter sweet because as a natural brunette maintaining this long sought after blonde is massively destroying my hair.

So I’ve decided I really should go back to my roots soon, but before I do that I wanted to have a moment of madness & take a trip back to my youth with some Crazy Colour.


I bought this bottle maybe 3 weeks ago for £7 in Sallys & have been building up the nerve to use it.  In hindsight I needn’t have been so anxious about using it considering how awful it turned out.


Grim or what eh! I followed the instructions to the letter & this is the result.  It took in a quarter of my hair!

Not impressed obviously, will I buy it again? NO.  Would I recommend it? NO.
The next time I go hair dye shopping it’ll be for a shade of natural brown.  I think I’ll leave my notions of rainbow hair in the past.

Have you had a better result with Crazy Colour?

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Beauty Fashion Friday

HellO there all you cool cats,

Well another month has flown by so that means it’s time for another Beauty Fashion Friday!! *eEp* Excited!!! ☺

The lovely Céara is our guest today. 
Remember if you want to be featured next month check out the super simple instructions at the end. 
But right now, it’s over to Miss Céara with some top tips . . . 


* Who inspires your style?
Honestly, no stars or celebs!  I think the best styled people are walking down the street or going about their day.  Celebs & stars are treated like a hanger, they don’t OWN the stuff they’re wearing.  People who walk into a shop & make their own outfit?! I copy them!

* What’s your favourite piece of clothing/ accessories?
(or both)
String tops I wear them everyday! They’re so handy & easy to accessorise with, my other would be my beautiful black platform shoes, they make you skinny from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. High heels makes every girl feel better right?

* Where do you like to shop?
PRIMARK!  I should take out shares in the place.  So affordable & some really cool stuff.  When I’m feeling a little richer I hit River Island & temporarily bankrupt myself for the rest of the month always opting for a matching bag & purse, then have nothing to put in the purse! 

*If money wasn’t an option & you could buy any beauty item tomorrow what would it be & why?
Make up! & more make up! obviously some surgery too, that’s classed as beauty item isnt it?

* Do you have a certain style & how would you describe it?
I really don’t have a certain style.  I just know with my body shape what’s best for me to wear (I’m a curvy girl) I play it pretty safe with skinnys, string top & cardi or shirt. You’ll also see me with trackies, they’re so comfy.

* What’s your daily beauty & makeup routine?
I cleanse, tone & moisturise every night & exfoliate twice a week.  I’m loving the brand Eucerin atm, I’ve terrible break outs & I’ve found it helps to nip it in the bud. 
My exfoliator is No.7 Micro Dermabrasion, it makes my skin feels amazing! Make up routine, I’ve only two rules. 1. prime before & 2. have fun with it!

* What’s your favourite beauty product/ products?
My favourite beauty products atm are Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation.  It hides everything I hate but doesn’t make me feel caked or cause me break outs.  Also, eyeliner & mascara.  Make up isn’t complete without these two!

* Do you’ve any beauty tips or tricks?
Clean your make up brushes with baby shampoo, it works a treat.  It’s gentle on the bristles & pulls all the yucky make up out.  Got a liquid eyeliner, lip gloss or any liquidy make up product thats run out yet you’ve gone to River Island & bankrupted yourself so can’t afford another yet?  Well then boil a kettle, get the hot water in a cup & set your product in & wait 5 mins. At least another couple applications to get you through to payday! 

* What’s been your worst fashion, beauty or hair disaster? (Or all)
When I thought popper tracksuit bottoms where amazing, and my matching tracksuit with my nike airs! When I got a weave put in badly & when it was removed. Worst. Day. Ever!

* Name a blog you read that you’d recommend to us?
Pixiwoo, the creators of the Real techniques brushes.  Two sisters, pro make up artists who recreate looks, giving tips & tricks etc. I love watching their vlogs!


Would you like to be featured on the next Beauty Fashion Friday?

If so, heres what you have to do:

Scribble down your replies to the above 10 questions.
Then get hoking through your albums & email both your favourite photo & answers to me on: mariafrombahia@gmail.com

Thanks as always for your support you lovely lot.

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Mermaid Nails

HellO there,

I’m generally not a fan of nail varnishes, because I put it on & a day later it’s chipped.  But the magpie in me spied these twinkly gems the other day & I couldn’t resist trying one.  The Barry M Aquarium range. (£3.99)



I picked mermaid, a blue/green with flecks of gold varnish.  I put a coat of clear varnish on my nails first then when it dried I gradually built up the glitter leaving time for each coat to dry then finished it with another coat of clear.


It stayed on 4 full days before I got a small chip so I was really thrilled with that.  Then when I went to take it off I was actually able to peel it off as I’d built up so many layers.  I’m definitely going to invest in another few bottles so I can mix & match the colours.

Are you a fan of glitter varnishes?

Thabks for stopping by.

~ LoVe & HuGs ~



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Hey there all,

Today I got to play with some items from Illamasqua.  (‘Illusion’ & ‘Masquerade’). It’s a relatively new British highend makeup brand that was set up back in 2008.


These are the 3 products I got to try out. 1) Hydra Veil Rehydrating Gel, Rich Liquid Foundation, 2) Skin Base Lift, 3) Skin Base Lift Brightening Concealer.

The rehydrating gel is a primer, retailing for £30 (30mls), it has a fresh scent & feels lovely on the skin, I really loved the wee pot it comes in & for an added bit of twee there’s a teeny tiny spoon on top to help you judge how much to use. 


Next up was the foundation, also £30 (30mls), I used the tiniest amount which went along way.  I thought the packaging looked cheap, for the amount you’re paying I think they could have pimped the bottle up a bit.
Finally the concealer,which costs £17 (2.5g) to be honest I didn’t see anything special with it to warrant the price tag.


Would I buy this? No!
Innitially I loved it, it gave great coverage & I really liked the shade.  But after 4 hours this was my face, my skin felt greasy & shiny.  It had come off my chin & parts of my nose, then was clumpy in other parts as you can see.  A very disappointing outcome for the price.

Have you tried Illamasqua?  Have you had a better experience?

Thanks for reading.

~LoVe & HuGs~