Polka Dot Nails

Hello there,

One of my favourite apps is Pinterest, it’s great for saving ideas you’d like to try out in the future, and one of the ideas I wanted to try was polka dot nails.


I typed “Nail Art Tools” into eBay and up popped these 5 pens for 99p.


They arrived 2 days later, so all I needed was a willing set of hands. Luckily my pal Susan offered up hers.


They’re soOoO easy to use.
Firstly I put a base coat on, then pink varnish all over. After they dried, I opened the varnish I was going to use for the dots then just dabbed the point of the pen onto the dipped brush, making sure it was well coated before putting the brush back into the bottle.


It’s so much fun to do and because the pens are double ended with different sized points you can pick and choose the size of each dot. I layered up 4 colours then when they dried I finished with a top coat on.

You could also use cocktail sticks if you can’t be bothered with waiting on eBay.

Happy polka dotting guys and gals!

~MaRiA~ xO