Blonde To Brunette

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I’m not sure what happened to this post yesterday. I wrote & saved it but alas it disappeared into cyberspace. But no biggy.

Remember how I’d been threatening to dye my hair back to brunette? Well I finally got round to doing it. I really loved the blonde I’d gotten to but it was just too damaging to maintain it, my hair was breaking off everytime I brushed it. Then the Crazy Colour farce of wanting lavender hair but ending up with a few purple stripes was the last straw.

Ju69lI chose Clairol in Medium Brown because there were no red tones in it & it was quite close to my natural hair colour. It cost £4 & it recommended leaving in for 25 minutes but I washed it out after about 17 as I didn’t want to go too dark considering how blonde my hair was.

I’m quite happy with how natural it came out & relieved at not having to touch it up every 5/6 weeks. All I need now is to get a trim & a hundred or so deep conditions & hopefully my wee mop will fiiiiinally be on the road to recovery.

Have you had any hair disasters? Comment below & let me know I’m not alone.

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Putting Our Hair On A Diet!

HellO there!!

Tonight I want to talk about putting our hair on a diet!
A diet from chemicals & heat tools!!

If, like me, you are or have ever been overly enthusiastic with the bleach then you’ll know only too well how dry & brittle all that stripping leaves our tresses.
This past week I’ve had 9 days of annual leave so I decided there’s no better time to go commando as it were.
No hairdrying, no straightening, no curling & no hairspray, wax, gel or anything else that causes build up.( I also went one further & abstained from makeup. Well you know the saying, In for a penny in for a pound.)

I have noticed a difference, but the damage has still been done so is there anything we can do to try & repair it?
Well, I did some research & all fingers point to a popular item that’s in all our kitchen cupboards. Olive oil.

The benefits of using olive oil are many. First being it’s chemical & paraben free. Good quality olive oil will only have one ingrediant unlike pretty much every other hair product, so you can be sure there are no impurities. The fatty acids in the oil also tame frizz & moisturise those brittle ends. Not to mention how soft & shiny the oil will make it.

So what do we need?

Good quality olive oil, a bowl, cling film & a hair dryer.


Pour a good half a cup full into your bowl. I’m a bit rubbish with measurements but it’s all relative to the length & thickness of your hair so use whats best for you.


Next pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds, enough just to warm it slightly.
I then wet my hair & massaged it into my scalp & all through the ends.


After I squeezed off the excess wetness I wrapped my hair up in some clingfilm then used the hairdryer for 30 seconds all over my head to help the oil penetrate my hair.


Then I put my trusty towel over the cling film to hold the heat in & also to prevent the oil staining my clothes. I left it on for 40 minutes, (until the end of my TV show). Then washed it twice with shampoo, I didnt use conditioner because the olive oil is doing that job instead.


Et voila!
An hour of airdrying later here is the finished product.
It feels super soft & silky which is nothing short of a miracle considering it resembled sand paper before. Crazy how this little gem has been lurking in my kitchen cupboard all this time.

I’m going to do this once a week & hopefully will have Rapunzel like hair in no time.
Have any of you tried the hot olive oil treatment on your hair? What did you think of the results? Let me know your thoughts.

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