The Body Shop

Greetings All,

Today I wanted to show you a wee Body Shop haul I picked up on Saturday. I also have to add that my phone contract is with o2, I downloaded their priority app and I’m so glad I did. Offers galore!!
Which brings me back to when I was in Belfast on Saturday and went into The Body Shop to take advantage of their 30% discount within the priority app.


I am and will always be a fan of their White Musk perfume (£17). I adore it and go through it rightly so that was the 1st thing I picked up. Next, I spied the Coconut Oil (£7) for my hair, it smells lovely so I’m looking forward to trying it, I’ll have a wee review up on that soon, so keep your eyes peeled.  Lastly I got the Vitamin E Essentials Kit (£11) for a present which has a mini toner, cleanser, moisturiser and a night cream all in a dainty little bag making it perfect for travel.
I was checking the Priority app again today and see The Body Shop is back on it, except now with a whopping 40% discount!! Making now the perfect time to buy any Christmas presents and take advantage of nearly half price.

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~LoVe & HuGs~



Prime Time

HellO Everyone!

I’m talking about a new product today, well, another newby to me at least.  Primer.  Are you a fan? I’ve dabbled with it in the past but after a few uses it always found its way to the bottom of the makeup bag & lay forgotten about.  Then this past week I see reviews & ads for Benefits Porefessional everywhere & was all for trying it until I seen it was £24.50!!  £24.50!!! No chance.
The foundation I’m putting on over the primer doesn’t cost £24.50.

With my self imposed austerity measures in place I searched for my primer fix elsewhere.  And it was good old Rimmel to the rescue, why hadn’t I gone with the tried & trusted favourite in the first place! The brand that’s had my back since I was 14 & rocking the Coffee Shimmer lippy.


Stay Matte Primer.  (£5.99 for 30ml)

What is primer?
It creates a velvet like base that helps your makeup last alot longer. It can be worn alone, under makeup or on top to create a matte complexion.  It also controls shine & minimises the appearance of pores.

Does it do all of this? . . . Yes!
I was honestly shocked at how well it held up to its claims.  I always bring my buffer brush with me to swish over my face after a few hours if my makeup is looking a bit worn.  Today I didn’t.


Experiment time!
Here I am after putting on the primer, foundation & the rest of my makeup.  I didn’t primp, preen, reach for my brush or even look in a mirror once the entire day. (Which near killed me)


And again at 21.00.  This is after a full day on the go, usually by now my makeup would be showing a bit of wear, especially around the T-zone & I’d be reaching for the buffer to even things out.  But today not once. 

Are you a primer? Favourite brand? Do tell!

As always thank you all *SOoooOo* much for reading..

~ LoVe &huGs ~



Cheap & Cheerful Facials

I think we can all agree that it’s well & truely winter.  The 1 degree weather & impossible to walk on icy paths confirmed it for me.
Have you noticed any other changes? Like your skin feeling dryer than normal?  I suppose it’s only normal if we’re going from the frosty outdoor temperatures to the cozy indoors. 
That’s why we’re talking about face masks today & giving our mugs a treat during these cooler climes.
I must admit I’m not a habitual user of facemasks so when I do dabble it’s all a bit exciting.


When I was in Superdrug during the week stocking up on things I didn’t really need, I spied their own range of face masks, I was surprised at how many types there was.


The eternal child in me wanted to pick the chocolate based ones, but I resisted & opted for these 3 instead. Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask, Detoxifying Dead Sea Mineral Mask & Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask.


I couldn’t very well try them all out myself so my pal steph was a willing assistant.

We gave our faces a quick wash beforehand, made sure our skin was dry then applied the mask.  It felt really cool & refreshing going on.  It said to leave 10-15 minutes before washing off but mine took 20 minutes until it was dry.  To be honest I was happy enough to leave it on as long as possible.  I wet a face cloth in warm water to help wash it off, which took a wee while.  When my face was clay free I washed it again with the Nutrogena Pink Grapefruit Face Scrub I reviewed the other day to make sure I’d gotten it all off, then applied the Nutrogena Pink Grapefruit Moisturiser
We both give it the thumbs up.  Our skin felt very fresh & soft afterward.  It claims to help eliminate impurities & soothe skin & I’d concur with this. 
Plus these masks are ok for regular.  They’re 99 pence each & currently being sold 3 for 2 so it’s a lovely inexpensive treat we can give our faces.

Have you used this range?  Which one did you choose?

Cheers for stopping by, I’d love to hear back from you all.

~LoVe & huGs~