Help Big Up Flat Hair!

HellO All!

I *LoVe* going to the hairdressers, getting my hair washed is the best bit, I could fall off to sleep everytime, it’s so relaxing!  But after it’s been cut, dried & straightened what then? 


I’m left with the flatest hair in the world, that’s what!
I don’t like washing my hair too much,  I don’t need to.  Wash & a deep condition twice a week is my routine.

But I find after I’ve been to the hairdressers I’ve to wash it asap so I can put a bit of volume back into it.  Which negates getting it washed there in the first place. 
So what do I do?


Salt Spray is what!
I bought this one aaaaaages ago.  I think it was 2 for £5 in Superdrug.  It lasts a while as you really don’t need a lot. 


AnyhoO, this is my saving grace after I’ve been to the hairdressers.  I get to keep the sleek blowdry look that I’ll never be able to do myself for another few days except with some volume.

Are you a fan of salt sprays?  Or if you’ve any tips on how to big up flat hair comment below & share your knowledge.

As always, thats a million for reading.

~ LoVe & huGs to you all ~

& have a great weekend!

* MaRiA *



Blonde To Brunette

Hey there,

I’m not sure what happened to this post yesterday. I wrote & saved it but alas it disappeared into cyberspace. But no biggy.

Remember how I’d been threatening to dye my hair back to brunette? Well I finally got round to doing it. I really loved the blonde I’d gotten to but it was just too damaging to maintain it, my hair was breaking off everytime I brushed it. Then the Crazy Colour farce of wanting lavender hair but ending up with a few purple stripes was the last straw.

Ju69lI chose Clairol in Medium Brown because there were no red tones in it & it was quite close to my natural hair colour. It cost £4 & it recommended leaving in for 25 minutes but I washed it out after about 17 as I didn’t want to go too dark considering how blonde my hair was.

I’m quite happy with how natural it came out & relieved at not having to touch it up every 5/6 weeks. All I need now is to get a trim & a hundred or so deep conditions & hopefully my wee mop will fiiiiinally be on the road to recovery.

Have you had any hair disasters? Comment below & let me know I’m not alone.

Thanks so much for stopping by my lil blog.

*LoVe & huGs*



I browse for eye brows

Hey there folks!

Firstly I’ll hold my hands up & admit I’m RUBBISH at doing my eyebrows. It’s the the one thing in my makeup routine I don’t get excited about.

This stems from the great pluck of 1995. It was the summer Alanis Morissette released “Jagged Little Pill” & the summer I discovered tweezers. The long & short of it is I ended up looking like a doberman.  My eyebrows never recovered & as a result one always looks different from the other. This is my cross to bare & I only mention it because you will undoubtedly look at the photos that follow & say “Her eyebrows are wonky, that stuff’s rubbish”. The thing is they’re wonky 24 hours a day, with or without product.


If like me you dread brow doing time then this is for you.  It is as it says on the box (Studio London Eyebrow)  Shaping Kit, Perfect Brow. It contains 4 stencils to put over your eyebrows to help you attain as even & symmetrical a shape as possible. 


There’s a selection of powders to suit your own colouring.  There’s also some wax you apply to the hair first to help the powder adhere better.  There’s a pencil with a brush at the end to help you style them to a tee.  Some tweezers, another brush/comb, a guide & also a mirror.  Pretty good don’t you think.


The stencils are clear so it’s a bit hard to see them, but here they are.  There’s 4 different shapes so you’re bound to find one that’s close to your current style.


Here’s the step by step guide which is pretty self explanitory.


Here I am this morning sans makeup with one eyebrow done just to show you the difference.


And here I am with the two (albeit wonky) brows done.

What do you think of it? Would you use it?  Personally I think it’s a gift from the eyebrow gods. It retails for under £10 from Superdrug.  Other stores probably sell this make or something similar but this is just where I came across it.

As ways thanks for stopping by.

~LoVe & huGs ~ (& Good Brows)



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