Storage 2 – 0 Clutter

Hello there,

So here’s part 2 on my storage posts & I saved the worst till last. 
My makeup!
It’s literally everywhere & it was really doing my head in. Not being able to find whatever I was looking for was the final straw. So here’s a cheap & simple option on how I’m combatting the mess.



I picked up these 4 small boxes in B&M for £2.99 & delegated one to eye makeup. One to nails, One to brushes & one to lips. I’m going to get some more as I ended up *Quelle surprise* having more items than I had boxes to put them in. These boxes are really so handy, when I’m finished hoking through them I can just pop the lids back on & stack them vertically for more room. I also got a woven basket for £2.99 & am keeping all the the bits I use daily in here so I know exactly what is where.


While I was boxing up everything I bit the bullet & binned alot of stuff.  A few eyecreams that I hadn’t even used.  If I’m honest I didn’t even realise I had them.  Eyeliners, lipsticks, cleansers, toners, eyeshadows etc.. These were all a gigantic waste of money as they were lost in a sea of messy makeup & were definately beyond their use by date.  I really hate binning makeup.  It feels inherently wrong but I’m starting as I mean to go on & making a massive effort to cut back on clutter.  Hopefully this way I’ll use what I already have quicker & not double or tripple up on items. 

I really hope you find this helpful.  Are you a hoarder? Please tell me you are so I’m not alone.

~ LoVe & huGs ~




Eye Scream for Eye Cream

HellO again lovelies!

I’ve been thinking alot about eyecream lately, more so how I’ve massively neglected to use any for the majority of my adult life.  I’ve undoubtedly missed the boat on this one but it doesn’t stop me wanting to try & curtail any extra lines, crows feet, saggy bags & what not I might will develop from here on in. 

Me being me I would decide to worry about the health of my eye area a quarter of the way through January, of all months.  With my non existent budget in mind I couldn’t really splash out on the high end lotions & potions.


After looking about I spied a deal with the Superdrug Naturally Radiant range which was two of anything for the price of one so I bought two of their 15ml brightening eye creams which retailed at under £3 & made for home to have a closer look.

The cream contains kiwi fruit extract, which is a source of vitamin C helping to brighten & even out skin tone.  Mullberry fruit extract which also aids with lighting skin tone.  Then finally sugar beet extract which nurishes & moisturises the delicate skin around the eye.  It claims to eventually (after 4 weeks) mimimise dark circles & puffiness, & also promote softer & smoother skin.
I’ve used it a few times & already my eye area is feeling more hydrated & refreshed.  I’m going to stick with it & see if it can help shrink the luggage under my peepers over the next 30mls.

Does price have a part to play in the quality & end results of eye creams? 
Do you use a budget friendly one like me or a high end one & have you noticed a difference?

I’d really love to hear back on this topic especially as I fear eye creams & the quest for the perfect one may be my new beauty obsession, so any feedback on your past buys is greatly welcomed.

As always folks, Thanks so much for stopping by my little piece of the blogosphere, I really appreciate every single one you you amazing & beautiful creatures.

~ LoVe & huGs

* MaRiA *