Marley MO is back!

Well Hello there everyone,  Remember me! I kinda fell off the edge of Blogville there didn’t I. WELL . . After a big ole hiatus she’s back & feeling rejuvenated & full of bloggy banter. Lots of biz to tell you, firstly, I’ve a giveaway planned to celebrate my 100th follower so stay tuned for details on that next Monday. I’ve also added a new topic called “Kooky Kalender” that I’ll be talking about in Thursday’s post.  This’ll definitely be a bit fun & hopefully give you some ideas on how to celebrate the lesser known holidays. But most importantly I’ve only gone & renamed the blog. So if you fancy a catch up & a chat then head to .

As always, there’s *LoVe & HuGs* winging their way to all yall!

Looking forward to more fun bloggy times ahead! ~MaRiA~ xO


Taking a leap . . .

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So here I am  . . At the grand old age of 32 starting a Blog . . How original eh . . What it will be about I don’t reeeally know yet . . & will most likely go unread but ho hum . . I’ve wanted to do this for a while but have just been a big scaredy cat at the idea of committing my internal musings to the interwab for all eternity . .

Like a great many people (depending on the day) I either live with depression or struggle with it . .
So I thought I’d take proactive steps to try & feel less depressed by giving myself (at first) monthly achievable goals at this writing malarkey . .
Again, like a lot of people I get especially down over the Christmas season . .
So here I am starting my blog on the cusp of December in a bid to keep my head occupied & the barking dog at bay . .  .
I figure I’m going to blog about things that interest me . .
Makeup, mental health, music, animals, reading, cooking, TV, crafts, travel & whatever else takes my fancy . . .

I’d love to meet some nice people along the way & am looking forward to discovering lots of great blogs!! ☺

*LoVe & HuGs*