Perfect Eyeliner In A Flash

HellO there lovelies,

Today I’m talking about that never ending struggle we all face, liquid eyeliner. Why is it one always turns out ok then sure enough when it comes to doing the other eye it looks as though a toddler drew on you while you were asleep.
I’d pretty much given up hope of ever doing a decent lined eye until I started using something that lives in every single one of our homes. Cellotape.


Here’s what I’m using. MUA Gel Eyeliner (£3). Like it says on the bottle it’s a gel, so careful with how much you add when dipping the brush in as it can get messy quickly.


Cut maybe an inch of tape off, stick it down on a towel & peel off, do this a few times to dull the stickiness.  Now line it up just under the corner of your eye & pat it down.  Run the gelled brush along the tape then up your lash line, make it as thin or thick as your wee heart desires.  Let it dry for a minute then peel it off slowly.
Et voila!  A perfectly straight line!


Now that the base is down it’s time to have a bit of fun.  I’m still in love with my MakeUp Base pallette so I brought out the rainbow eyes again.  


As you can see from both angles the line is perfect.  It really is impossible to mess this up, believe me! If I can do this anyone can. 
Again the only things to remember are to make sure you’ve lined the tape up under the corner of your eye.  Take your time applying the gel & also go slow when taking the tape off. 
You’ll have the perfect foundation that’ll really make your eyeshadow pop. 
You could do this with glittered or coloured liner also, there are so many options with this one. 
Give it a whirl & have fun with it.

Thanks so much so stopping by.

~ LoVe & huGs ~

* MaRiA *