Living With Rosacea

Hello there folks,

Today I’m going to talk about one of the most common skin conditions there is, Rosacea. 

What is it?
It often starts with periods of flushing, when your skin turns red.  Then other symptoms may appear as it progresses.


*Permanent redness, *Burning/Stinging sensation, *Spots, *Small blood vessels within the skin becoming visible, *Raised red patches, *Sensitive Skin, *Dry Rough Skin, *Gritty dry eyes & persistent redness burning,

The exact cause is unknown but there are a number of possibilities or triggers which irritate easily.  It’s advisable to patch test new products to avoid an outbreak.

Here are some known Triggers:

*Exposure to sunlight, *Certain Medicines, *Other medical conditions, *Stress,  *Dairy Products, *Hot/cold weather, *Menopause, *Caffeine, *Strong winds, *Strenuous exercise, *Humidity, *Hot drinks, *Spicy foods, *Hot baths,  *Alcohol

What can we do?

Like I mentioned, many people that have rosacea will notice certain things that trigger it.  Granted taking steps to try & avoid all triggers mightn’t always be practical or indeed possible. Perhaps keep a diary, jotting down any flare ups & what creams or cosmetics you were using at the time. Also if you were eating or drinking anything that could have aided it.  This might help reduce the frequency & severity of your symptoms


We’re not vampires so avoiding the sun completely is impossible but we can use sun creams with a high SPF of 30 or more, Try using ones specifically designed for children. Then cover up with clothing or a hat when possible.


Again stress is another inevitability in life, but it’s how we learn to cope & deal with it that matters. How about learning relaxation techniques, yoga, deep breathing exercises or meditation? I have an app on my phone of relaxing sounds.
Although regarding exercise keep in mind strenuous work outs can in some cases aggravate the rosacea so something low intensity like walking or giving your house a good clean will do the job.

Food & Drink

The most common food & drink related triggers are alcohol & spicy foods. Like I mentioned before, keep track of what you’re ingesting to help weed out what your food & drink triggers are.

Cold Weather

Covering up your nose & face with a scarf is a good way to avoid the crisp burning sensation of a cold wind that could trigger an outbreak.  But if you’re going to be outside for longer periods of time then perhaps invest in a balaclava, there are plenty of bright coloured & stylish ones available these days so don’t be worrying about looking like a burglar.

Skincare Techniques

Try & remember to be ever so gentle when cleaning your skin, or applying creams.  Look for products that are designed for sensitive skin.  Use a non abrasive cleanser that’s unscented & non alkaline.  Also creams & moisturisers that are hypoallergenic & comedogenic (don’t block your pores) soap & alcohol free & that have a neutral pH.
Read the labels carefully & avoid these following ingredients also: alcohol, menthol, lanolin, peppermint, clove oil, camphor, eucalyptus oil & saudium lauryl sulphate.
I know that’s a mouthful & alot to remember but you can easily copy & paste into your search engine & see what creams it suggests?
It’s really worth being aware of these known triggers so you can avoid the physical symptoms they will cause you.

~ Make sure you rinse your face with lukewarm water, (too hot & it might agitate your skin.) & allow to fully dry before applying anything else.

~ If you feel your skin is getting sore then apply a moisturiser to help soothe it.

~ Avoid oil based & waterproof makeup because these require alot of rubbing to remove.  Stick with water based ones.


There are topical treatments, oral antibiotics, medicines & even laser pulsed light treatments, all of which you can discuss in detail with your GP. Alas there’s no definitive cure.  But if you keep a close eye on your triggers, document changes & cut out what you think may be aggravating your skin you can definitely keep on top of it.


Ceremides & glycerin are friendly ingredients to rosacea sufferers, so keep an eye out for these when purchasing cosmetics & creams. Using a yellow base under your foundation will help cancel out & reduce the red appearance.  I swear by mineral makeup, it’s so light & easy to apply & gives great coverage.  Make sure you use a clean blush to apply it to avoid any bacteria being transferred to the skin.

If you have any tips of your own that have worked for you please comment below & spread your knowledge.

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Putting Our Hair On A Diet!

HellO there!!

Tonight I want to talk about putting our hair on a diet!
A diet from chemicals & heat tools!!

If, like me, you are or have ever been overly enthusiastic with the bleach then you’ll know only too well how dry & brittle all that stripping leaves our tresses.
This past week I’ve had 9 days of annual leave so I decided there’s no better time to go commando as it were.
No hairdrying, no straightening, no curling & no hairspray, wax, gel or anything else that causes build up.( I also went one further & abstained from makeup. Well you know the saying, In for a penny in for a pound.)

I have noticed a difference, but the damage has still been done so is there anything we can do to try & repair it?
Well, I did some research & all fingers point to a popular item that’s in all our kitchen cupboards. Olive oil.

The benefits of using olive oil are many. First being it’s chemical & paraben free. Good quality olive oil will only have one ingrediant unlike pretty much every other hair product, so you can be sure there are no impurities. The fatty acids in the oil also tame frizz & moisturise those brittle ends. Not to mention how soft & shiny the oil will make it.

So what do we need?

Good quality olive oil, a bowl, cling film & a hair dryer.


Pour a good half a cup full into your bowl. I’m a bit rubbish with measurements but it’s all relative to the length & thickness of your hair so use whats best for you.


Next pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds, enough just to warm it slightly.
I then wet my hair & massaged it into my scalp & all through the ends.


After I squeezed off the excess wetness I wrapped my hair up in some clingfilm then used the hairdryer for 30 seconds all over my head to help the oil penetrate my hair.


Then I put my trusty towel over the cling film to hold the heat in & also to prevent the oil staining my clothes. I left it on for 40 minutes, (until the end of my TV show). Then washed it twice with shampoo, I didnt use conditioner because the olive oil is doing that job instead.


Et voila!
An hour of airdrying later here is the finished product.
It feels super soft & silky which is nothing short of a miracle considering it resembled sand paper before. Crazy how this little gem has been lurking in my kitchen cupboard all this time.

I’m going to do this once a week & hopefully will have Rapunzel like hair in no time.
Have any of you tried the hot olive oil treatment on your hair? What did you think of the results? Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by my lovelies!

~LoVe & HuGs~

*MaRiA* xO