Leave in hair conditioner

Hey there folks,

Do you remember the other week when I chatted about how we can use olive oil as a conditioner?
Well today I got to thinking about how we can still give our hair a good conditioning on the days we’re strapped for time.

I love the olive oil treatment but it’s not always practical if we’re in a rush, like how I found myself this morning. I shampood my hair & conditioned it in record speed, ideally I’d have liked to have left it on for 10 mins, alas I’d a job to get to. 


But then I remembered I’d bought this Dove Hair Therapy leave in conditioner the other week & all was well in the world again. 

The good thing about this spray is you can use it on wet or dry hair.  It contains keratin Repair Actives & claims to prevent breakage & split ends which suits me fine seeing I have an abundance of both at the moment with all the bleaching & dyeing I’ve been doing.  Firsty it smells delicious, secondly & more importantly it leaves your hair super soft.

Have you used this before? Did you notice any improvements??

Thanks so much for reading.

~LoVe & HuGs~