Dinner on a shoestring!

HellO All!

Tonight it’s about cheap eats. My favourite meal when I go to ‘Papa Joes’, a restaurant near where I live, is called Chicken Arizona. I LOVE it to the point where I don’t even look at the menu anymore.

It consists of a chicken fillet on a bed of chorizo & red pepper ribbons in a creamy chorizo sauce. My mouth is starting to water as I type this. But realistically who can afford to nip into a restaurant anytime you get a hankering for your favourite grub. Not I.
Here’s my attempt at recreating it & what we’ll need.


Milk, chorizo, white sauce, rice & chicken. (I forgot to get a red pepper but we’ll muddle through)

Everyone will have milk in their fridge, no matter the type & rice is another staple. This packet of chorizo was about €1.10. Chicken fillet maybe €2 & the sachet of white sauce 70cents. (Or you can make your own white sauce from scratch.) I only made a single serving so used half the fillet & half the sachet.  


Firstly, heat up a pot with no oil. Then break up however much chorizo you’d like to eat into smaller bits & add. Remember no oil is required for this dish because there’s plenty in the chorizo.


In a separate pot empty the contents of the sachet. Like I said previously I only used half. Then add 3/4 cup of milk & stir on a low heat till it thickens.


By now our chorizo will look like this. See what I mean about the oil.


I chose to have rice but you could have chips, mash or whatever takes your fancy. Rice takes 7 minutes, so on it goes whilst I add the sauce to the chorizo & turn the heat down low to let the flavours infuse.


I always add black pepper, just over a generous pinch will do. You can add anything really, but for me the heat of the pepper complements the sweetness of the chorizo perfectly. Cut the chicken up add to the sauce & we’re ready to serve.


And here we have the finished super delicious product! It really tastes very close to the original & at a snippet of the cost. Not to mention half the calories, which is always a good thing.

This took 15 minutes from start to finish. You could egg fry the rice or jazz it up with more ingredients depending on your personal preferences but tonight I went for the simple version.

What’s your favourite meal when you dine out? Have you tried to make a dupe of it yourself?

Thanks for stopping by you lovely people & let me know if you try this recipe out & what you think.

~LoVe & huGs~