Benefit Browzings DUPE

Hello there,

As with the previous eyebrow post I shall open with my “I have wonky eyebrows” disclaimer, so judge not the product on the back of my disasterbrows! 🙂 Right, now that’s out of the way lets get started. 

It’s becoming all too apparent that if I’m not in work then I’ll most likely be in Superdrug shopping or making mental notes of future things I’ll be shopping for. 


On one such venture I came across this MUA Pro-Brow Kit, it was a super thrifty £3.50, considering I’d paid *deep breath* £28 for the Benefit one a while back it was a no brainer to try this. 


Talk about value for money my friends!! You get a teeny tweezers & then also a wee dual ended brush, one side is for applying the brow powder the other for the gel.  There’s two different shades, the upper left, is dark brown & upper right is a lighter brown (which I’m using).  Then the lower left is a base powder for all over your eyelid, it’s advertised as a highlighter but I just swished it all over.  Then finally the bottom right is the gel which prevents any intrepid strays from wandering off the beaten track. 


Here I am without any of the eyebrow product, wearing just foundation. 


And with my brows done (& everything else)

I can’t say enough good things about this.  The primary one being it’s THREE POUNDS FIFTY!!!! Sorry Benefit but I shall not be back for anymore of your Browzings, I’ve quite firmly & rightly switched my eyebrow allegiance to MUA.
Have you tried this out? Or do you know of another dupe?

Thanks so much for stopping by.

~ LoVe & huGs ~