Lets Talk Face Routines

Hey Lovelies,

After yesterdays new found joie de vivre for eye creams, I thought today I’d chat about face washes, cleansers, toners & which of these items I’m using right now.  You might remember over a month ago I mentioned the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit range I bought in Superdrug. 


Well after maybe 6 weeks of using it I am a complete convert.  Personally I love pink grapefruit so was excited about trying this, the first thing you notice is the delicious fruity scent. The scrub is delicate enough to use everyday & left my face super soft.  After the scrub I used the pink grapefruit moisturiser & as with the scrub I loved it.  Although I would say to be careful about using it too close to your eyes as it does tingle a bit, perhaps due to skin around the eye area being alot thinner, but who knows.


Seeing as I’m now a Neutrogena groupie I decided to try out this range.  I really love that the face wash also doubles as a mask.  The moisturiser has a lovely crisp fresh smell & claims to “hydrate, smoothe & even out skin tone.”  The pink grapefruit one certainly kept my skin thoroughly hydrated for the whole day so I’ve every faith this will too.


As for cleansers & toners I might be on my own with this view but I never spend that much on them seeing as they’re really only on my skin for seconds.  I picked up these in Asda last night, they’re 200ml & £2 each & quite frankly do the same job as any high end ones I’ve ever used.  Then finally my trusty old Superdrug eye cream from yesterdays review.  If you’re anything like me & have a habbit of falling asleep in your makeup then do what I’ve started to do & keep your cleanser/toner beside your pillow so there’s no excuses. And that my friends is that.

What do you use? Like I asked in my eye cream post do you think price has a part to play in the quality of cleansers & toners?

Thanks so much for stopping by.

~ LoVe & huGs ~




Cheap & Cheerful Facials

I think we can all agree that it’s well & truely winter.  The 1 degree weather & impossible to walk on icy paths confirmed it for me.
Have you noticed any other changes? Like your skin feeling dryer than normal?  I suppose it’s only normal if we’re going from the frosty outdoor temperatures to the cozy indoors. 
That’s why we’re talking about face masks today & giving our mugs a treat during these cooler climes.
I must admit I’m not a habitual user of facemasks so when I do dabble it’s all a bit exciting.


When I was in Superdrug during the week stocking up on things I didn’t really need, I spied their own range of face masks, I was surprised at how many types there was.


The eternal child in me wanted to pick the chocolate based ones, but I resisted & opted for these 3 instead. Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask, Detoxifying Dead Sea Mineral Mask & Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask.


I couldn’t very well try them all out myself so my pal steph was a willing assistant.

We gave our faces a quick wash beforehand, made sure our skin was dry then applied the mask.  It felt really cool & refreshing going on.  It said to leave 10-15 minutes before washing off but mine took 20 minutes until it was dry.  To be honest I was happy enough to leave it on as long as possible.  I wet a face cloth in warm water to help wash it off, which took a wee while.  When my face was clay free I washed it again with the Nutrogena Pink Grapefruit Face Scrub I reviewed the other day to make sure I’d gotten it all off, then applied the Nutrogena Pink Grapefruit Moisturiser
We both give it the thumbs up.  Our skin felt very fresh & soft afterward.  It claims to help eliminate impurities & soothe skin & I’d concur with this. 
Plus these masks are ok for regular.  They’re 99 pence each & currently being sold 3 for 2 so it’s a lovely inexpensive treat we can give our faces.

Have you used this range?  Which one did you choose?

Cheers for stopping by, I’d love to hear back from you all.

~LoVe & huGs~