Hey there all,

Today I got to play with some items from Illamasqua.  (‘Illusion’ & ‘Masquerade’). It’s a relatively new British highend makeup brand that was set up back in 2008.


These are the 3 products I got to try out. 1) Hydra Veil Rehydrating Gel, Rich Liquid Foundation, 2) Skin Base Lift, 3) Skin Base Lift Brightening Concealer.

The rehydrating gel is a primer, retailing for £30 (30mls), it has a fresh scent & feels lovely on the skin, I really loved the wee pot it comes in & for an added bit of twee there’s a teeny tiny spoon on top to help you judge how much to use. 


Next up was the foundation, also £30 (30mls), I used the tiniest amount which went along way.  I thought the packaging looked cheap, for the amount you’re paying I think they could have pimped the bottle up a bit.
Finally the concealer,which costs £17 (2.5g) to be honest I didn’t see anything special with it to warrant the price tag.


Would I buy this? No!
Innitially I loved it, it gave great coverage & I really liked the shade.  But after 4 hours this was my face, my skin felt greasy & shiny.  It had come off my chin & parts of my nose, then was clumpy in other parts as you can see.  A very disappointing outcome for the price.

Have you tried Illamasqua?  Have you had a better experience?

Thanks for reading.

~LoVe & HuGs~




Rimmel Revelations

HellO everyone!

Today I’m on cloud 9!  And you’ll probably laugh at me when you realise why, or pity me that what I’m about to tell you would make me so happy.

Let us begin . . . 
Last week I was over on which is one of my most favourite blogs & seen that Karen had reviewed Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation.   

I’m beyond sceptical when it comes to drugstore type foundations, having tried X amount of them over the years.  After an hour or two the makeup would disappear from my Tzone, nostrils & chin leaving a greasy type residue. 
I’d end up having to reapply 2 or sometimes 3 times through the day.
Naturally this sent my stress levels souring, if I noticed it then surely others did too. 
NOT what you want in a foundation, in fact the complete opposite of what it’s meant to do.  It made me feel ick!  I couldn’t wait to get home & wash my face.  So ever since this drama I’ve avoided buying foundation in the chemist & stuck with high end ones.  


I’ve read alot of good reviews on the Rimmel 25hr but was dubious incase the same thing happened, then after reading Karens review I bit the bullet & finally picked it up & for the bargain price of £4.98.  It comes in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser which I love.


Honestly I can’t say enough good things about it.  It claims to be a lasting finish, full coverage & skin perfecting.  It lasted the entire day & some, I put it on at 12pm & took it off at 1am. 
As for full coverage, I didn’t retouch it once.  As you can see from my before photo I’m a bit of a freckle monster, I used 1 pump of it, which was even too much, it covered everything I wanted covered.  Finally it gets the thumbs up in the skin perfecting stakes too, I think my skin looked alot brighter afterward. 
1 pump of foundation equaled a full day of wear tooing & froing about shops & town in the elements. 

I’m a convert.  For me it’s most definately a dupe for the higher end ones that are out there.
Would I buy it again? Yes!
It’s a no brainer, with the usual retail price of £7.99 I’m saving ten pounds compared to what I pay for my current one but still getting the same coverage.

Have you used this foundation before? What did you think?

Thanks a million for reading.

~LoVe & huGs~