Hey there all,

Today I got to play with some items from Illamasqua.  (‘Illusion’ & ‘Masquerade’). It’s a relatively new British highend makeup brand that was set up back in 2008.


These are the 3 products I got to try out. 1) Hydra Veil Rehydrating Gel, Rich Liquid Foundation, 2) Skin Base Lift, 3) Skin Base Lift Brightening Concealer.

The rehydrating gel is a primer, retailing for £30 (30mls), it has a fresh scent & feels lovely on the skin, I really loved the wee pot it comes in & for an added bit of twee there’s a teeny tiny spoon on top to help you judge how much to use. 


Next up was the foundation, also £30 (30mls), I used the tiniest amount which went along way.  I thought the packaging looked cheap, for the amount you’re paying I think they could have pimped the bottle up a bit.
Finally the concealer,which costs £17 (2.5g) to be honest I didn’t see anything special with it to warrant the price tag.


Would I buy this? No!
Innitially I loved it, it gave great coverage & I really liked the shade.  But after 4 hours this was my face, my skin felt greasy & shiny.  It had come off my chin & parts of my nose, then was clumpy in other parts as you can see.  A very disappointing outcome for the price.

Have you tried Illamasqua?  Have you had a better experience?

Thanks for reading.

~LoVe & HuGs~