Bloomin Nora, HOW MUCH Pandora?!

HellO there,

I love silver jewellery, I have a silly amount of rings, but not enough fingers to wear them all, so the obvious choice is stacking rings, they’re thin & maximise your digit real estate.

I got to looking about for some & 1st port of call was Pandora.  They’re gorgeous,  but the price?  Not so gorgeous!  So I had a look on Ebay & found some identical ones also sterling silver for a fraction of the price.



The top left with the stone is £40 in Pandora, mine was £17.50.  The bottom one was £11.20 but again in Pandora it was £28.

There you go folks, the exact same look that would’ve cost maybe £80 I got for £33.  Shop about & see what’s out there, there’s always a bargain to be found.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

~ LoVe & huGs ~

* MaRiA *