Smoochable smackers

Hello there . .

Today I’m talking about moisturising our lips & what we use to do it.
Do you have a favourite lip balm? 
Well I do & right now it’s currently on sale in Superdrug. We’ve less than 2 weeks to get our luscious lips in good condition for all those under the mistle toe kisses so this will do the trick..


Nivea Lip Butter is hands down my favourite lip moisturiser.  I bought it last year when I first seen it & have been a convert ever since.  Today I noticed it’s on special in Superdrug so I picked up my favourite flavour (Vanilla & Macadamia) & also chose the raspberry one to try out.  (There’s also an Original & Blueberry fragrance.)


They normally retail for £2.25 but they’re currently two for £3. Which is perfect if you’re looking a good quality stocking filler. The tub it comes in is very thin & compact but don’t be fooled, a little goes a very long way.


The butter feels lovely going on, it’s not sticky or tacky but feels very moisturising & the scent is so inviting you’ve to stop yourself reapplying every few minutes just to steal another sniff.

Have you tried any of the Nivea lip butters? Which one did you choose & what did you think of it?

As always thanks so much for stopping by.

~LoVe & HuGs~