Lets Talk Face Routines

Hey Lovelies,

After yesterdays new found joie de vivre for eye creams, I thought today I’d chat about face washes, cleansers, toners & which of these items I’m using right now.  You might remember over a month ago I mentioned the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit range I bought in Superdrug. 


Well after maybe 6 weeks of using it I am a complete convert.  Personally I love pink grapefruit so was excited about trying this, the first thing you notice is the delicious fruity scent. The scrub is delicate enough to use everyday & left my face super soft.  After the scrub I used the pink grapefruit moisturiser & as with the scrub I loved it.  Although I would say to be careful about using it too close to your eyes as it does tingle a bit, perhaps due to skin around the eye area being alot thinner, but who knows.


Seeing as I’m now a Neutrogena groupie I decided to try out this range.  I really love that the face wash also doubles as a mask.  The moisturiser has a lovely crisp fresh smell & claims to “hydrate, smoothe & even out skin tone.”  The pink grapefruit one certainly kept my skin thoroughly hydrated for the whole day so I’ve every faith this will too.


As for cleansers & toners I might be on my own with this view but I never spend that much on them seeing as they’re really only on my skin for seconds.  I picked up these in Asda last night, they’re 200ml & £2 each & quite frankly do the same job as any high end ones I’ve ever used.  Then finally my trusty old Superdrug eye cream from yesterdays review.  If you’re anything like me & have a habbit of falling asleep in your makeup then do what I’ve started to do & keep your cleanser/toner beside your pillow so there’s no excuses. And that my friends is that.

What do you use? Like I asked in my eye cream post do you think price has a part to play in the quality of cleansers & toners?

Thanks so much for stopping by.

~ LoVe & huGs ~