How To Fix Broken Powdered Makeup

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Tonight I’d like to talk about a personal heartbreak I suffered a few months back.
I’d treated myself to the Benefit Brow Zings eyebrow duo (at a whopping £28). I’d never imagine spending that kind of money on such a small item but I’d won a few pounds on a lottery ticket & figured it was free money so to speak & if I was going to splurge then now was the time.

Well a few weeks back I noticed a small chip in the corner of the powder section & sure enough the crack slowly crept across until it was completely shattered.  I was gutted to say the least, not beaten I took to the trusty internet & found a method to fix it . .

Lets get started . . .


Here’s what I used. Alcohol, broken pallette & some cling film to tap the powder into.


Here’s a closer view of my poor little smashed up Brow Zings.  It’s highly pigmented so when I opened/closed it bits would escape staining wherever it touched making it a nightmare to use.


I emptied it onto the clingfilm & wiped all the residue off the pallette with kitchen roll.


I used the end of a teaspoon to break up the larger pieces so it was all the same consistency.


I then added a few drops of the vodka to the powder, wrapped the cling film tightly around it & used the spoon & my fingers to mould it together. Then transferred the paste back into the pallette & smoothed it down with the spoon handle.


And here’s the end result. Not too shabby eh!
I’ve left it near the radiator so it will eventually dry out & turn back into a powder.

It’s alot cheaper than forking out another £28 for a replacement that’s for sure!
I have broken so many eyeshadows & pressed face powders thats will now get a second lease of life. *yiPpEe*

Have you tried this method or anything similar before?

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