Portion Control & Budgeting

Hello there,

I wanted to talk about food shopping & food portions today.  I’ve taken a notion recently to watch what I eat, or moreso how much of what I eat. 
I bought a digital food scale in Lidl last week & began my mission to weigh my meals.  I was mortified at how much I’d been piling on my plate & scraping into the bin.  Basically I was piling on weight & throwing money away. 


I went food shopping today & had blinkers on to sweeties, chocolate & crisps.  I was intent on buying essentials to cook proper meals with.   
Like the soup mix in the bottom corner of the above photo was £1 & I’ll get maybe 4 bowls from it.


There’s 4 other options.  I’ll be a soup making queen in no time.


When I used to buy a bag of frozen chips I’d shake a random amount of them onto a tray & into the oven they’d go, then into the bin the ones I didn’t eat went.  So this time round with my trusty scales I’m weighing out what I should be eating. 


I bought sandwich bags & got busy weighing & filing up the freezer.  I won’t feel bad about having chips now seeing as I’ll be having a normal portion & not weighing them out with my eyes like I used to.

I’m going to make a massive effort not to buy things I really don’t need & check how I’ve done in a month.  Hopefully I’ll be richer, lighter & healthier. 

Thanks so much  reading.

~ LoVe & huGs ~




Christmas Presents . . . For ourselves?

Hi there all,

I’ve been looking for a new handbag this past while, but didn’t want fork out a fortune especially so close to Christmas when I should be shoping for everyone elses presents.  But I figured I’d need a nice handbag to carry my purse & Christmas shopping list about in so this eased the guilt.

I’m not nor ever have been interested or impressed by brands or labels.  I don’t think wearing a jumper costing £100 which has the designers name emblazoned on it is in any way inviting, if anything I think it makes you look like a shop assistant in said designers store.  I get a buzz out of rumaging through flea markets or charity shops finding little gems that other people didn’t want at a percentage of what it was originally bought for.

At the end of the month once rent, bills, food & everything else that costs money is paid for I’ve very little left over to be able to just spend £50 or more on a handbag or the like.  I’m also put off buying things at full price when I see just how much they’re marked down during the sales.

This is when I took to my trusty Ebay in search of a thrifty find & it wasn’t long  before I found a fun & colourful decent sized bag.


This was under £13 & came in a choice of shades. If the colours haven’t hooked you in then the fact it has a horse & a heart on it definitely should. Why such a random combination? Who knows, but I think it’s cute & quirky & didn’t think twice before clicking “Buy now”. The horses tail isn’t sewn into the bag as with its mane, they both swish about freely, an ode to real life horses perhaps.


There’s a decent sized pocket at the back which is ideal for you phone, keys or purse.  When you unzip the main compartment you’re spoiled for space, even Mary Poppins would be jealous, there’s also a zipped pocket inside for more bits & pieces to hide away in.


All in all I’m super happy with my horsey heart bag & can’t wait to break it in.  Have you had a similar experience finding a bargain while shopping? What did you buy?

Thanks so much for stopping by & as always I’d love to hear your views or thoughts.

~LoVe & HuGs ~