Storage 2 – 0 Clutter

Hello there,

So here’s part 2 on my storage posts & I saved the worst till last. 
My makeup!
It’s literally everywhere & it was really doing my head in. Not being able to find whatever I was looking for was the final straw. So here’s a cheap & simple option on how I’m combatting the mess.



I picked up these 4 small boxes in B&M for £2.99 & delegated one to eye makeup. One to nails, One to brushes & one to lips. I’m going to get some more as I ended up *Quelle surprise* having more items than I had boxes to put them in. These boxes are really so handy, when I’m finished hoking through them I can just pop the lids back on & stack them vertically for more room. I also got a woven basket for £2.99 & am keeping all the the bits I use daily in here so I know exactly what is where.


While I was boxing up everything I bit the bullet & binned alot of stuff.  A few eyecreams that I hadn’t even used.  If I’m honest I didn’t even realise I had them.  Eyeliners, lipsticks, cleansers, toners, eyeshadows etc.. These were all a gigantic waste of money as they were lost in a sea of messy makeup & were definately beyond their use by date.  I really hate binning makeup.  It feels inherently wrong but I’m starting as I mean to go on & making a massive effort to cut back on clutter.  Hopefully this way I’ll use what I already have quicker & not double or tripple up on items. 

I really hope you find this helpful.  Are you a hoarder? Please tell me you are so I’m not alone.

~ LoVe & huGs ~




Storage 1 – 0 Clutter

Hello there lovelies,

Todays post is a 2 parter & I’m talking storage.  I’m a bit of a magpie & always end up buying something when I leave the house, whether I need it or not I buy it.  I also live in a small flat which kind of clashes with my love of buying things.

So what do I do? Stop buying stuff? No, of course not.  I just need to store all my bits & bobs properly.  Today I’m tackling my kitchen. 


Because my fridge freezer is tall I end up putting stuff on top of it like an extra table.  It starts off tidy then over time it turns into this! 


When I was in B & M the other day I found these. 3 storage boxes for £5.  In lovely lime green no less & no better place for them than atop my messy fridge.


Now isn’t this better.  Frees up a bit of space & bye bye clutter.

In Fridays post I’m going to tackle my makeup storage situation so I reckon I’ll need a good long sleep on Thursday before I get stuck in.  So be sure to check back in & see how I get on. 

Thanks so much for reading.

~ LoVe & huGs ~

* MaRiA *